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Capture it or ... destroy it!
Posted by Silencer, 03-31-2000 / 04-02-2000

- First of all, I think you'll like this new TA-Power  midi composed by me. Maybe I'll edit some more TA-Power midi songs, they all inspired in Jeremy Soule compositions and our by all shared TA 2 dream ;)...

Now our newest release...

Click here to download the Core Commando

Commando model

- Some feedback ...:

Amphibious and inmune to paralizers? Nopers
Buildable by? Adv. K-Bot Lab, menu 5 -1

New weapons? yes, Commando cannon (OTA id

Is TA-Power Elite Pack compatible? Yes
Is UberHack compatible? I'll make an UH version too ;) 

Enjoy guys!

By the way, TA-Power wants you: We need some talented candidates

- 2 3D modelers

- 2 Graphic TA artists (they'll create Web art and unit buildpictures)

- 1 bilingual (spanish/english) who likes to write TA stories

So you already know it
;) You might be a TA-Power member!

Click here to send your comments, profiles, etc

Hey clones... The Arm Nike !
Posted by Silencer, 03-17-2000

First of all, I'd like to announce that we've some more cool TA gifts for you all. So TA-Power will be here for your all pleasure =)

...The Core heavy war machine was punishing Arm forces one more time. Their fortified bases, well defended by their newest heavy units were practically unassailable...
Arm summoned their best scientists in a secret base of the remote system of Glenhya...

...after moderate time, they had the heaviest combat unit of the whole Arm war history. Its improved armor and its weaponary system makes it the ultimate Arm war mobile technology.

Nike is willing for the battle!

Click here to download the Arm Nike Ready to drool? =P

- Some Arm Nike stats ...:

BuildCostEnergy = 87.498;
BuildCostMetal = 20.878;
BuildTime = 291.645;
MaxDamage = 19.447;

- Some feedback ...:

Amphibious and inmune to paralizers? Heheh.. yes ;)
Best escort? Hmm... sWs Raptors? Maverick/Shooter combos?
Buildable by? Adv. K-Bot Lab, menu 5 -1

New weapons? yes, 2 of 3... Ass_Lightning (id
248) and
Adv. mECh-Quad Guided Rockets (id
249) and (?=)

Is TA-Power Elite Pack compatible? Yes
Is UberHack compatible? Nopers, but I'll do an UH ver. if fans want it

- So take your own deductions about what this unit can do for you

Special thanks to Ninjato from sWs for supporting this unit project ;)

Have fun guys !

Click here to send your comments, etc

We're still here so stay tuned ;)
Posted by WarTek, 03-13-2000

<...Static noise...>...Rumors... some seemed to be true.... These said that dozens of Arm scientists were being mobilized toward a secret base in the system of Glenhya... Apparently, their orders were to design... ...damn, another Sun storm...<...Static noise...>

Revision of the Alien radar trick technology.

Warning: OTA Corrupted File FIX

Posted by WarTek, 02-2
6-2000 - 02-29-2000

As most of you already know, these alien units are result of the incessant research on Juno by scientists of both sides.
We're glad here at
TA-Power to see how these units have shaked the TA Community, due their new strategies in the game.

What's new?... Now, they're amphibious and they got no Line Of Sight. These changes are reasonable balancing both units pretty well.... Also these revised units are fully
Elite Pack compatable.

The Alien Radar trick units ....
The TA-Power Alien Radar Tricks

Click here to download both ( Core and Arm ) units into a file.

click here to download the UberHack versión.

Today's bonus is a new TA map made by VanTheMan...

The newest TA-Power map, Tunguska by VanTheMan.... Click on the minimap to download

TA-Power four corners map uses the newest c_a_p's tileset

Have fun!. Zap and later

- PS: Our week's hero... To Recon for his great support we'll don't forget ya bud ! :}

OTA Corrupted File FIX

Seems to be that the OTA (Original TA) version was corrupted while the upload and crashes the game. It has been fixed so you might click here to re-download the file

Increasing the strategic power: Alien Fake Radar Dots
Posted by WarTek, 02-17-2000 / 02-18-2000
/ 02-19-2000

This idea was born from a conversation between Immerman and Silencer. And the project is already done by Silencer.

The Alien Fake Radar Dot units ....
Click here to download both alien units into a file

Using these units, you can simulate fake bases or firebases, fake movements or attacks, even fake building actions
* due their auto-jammer* device. Also they provide a great LOS

Stats of the Core Phantom Ghost and the Arm Firefly:

- Level 2, they are buildable by the adv. K-Bot Lab

SightDistance = 365;

BuildCostEnergy = 350;
BuildCostMetal = 15;
BuildTime = 980;
MaxDamage = 20;


Zap and later

Map Festival goes on ....
Posted by WarTek, 02-12-2000

Click on the minimap to download Vulcano now, which has been recently well rated ( 8 8 8 8 ) by TAMEC guys

14x14, 16MB, 4 players, 2.11MB. -Enjoy CocaCola- Vulcano, another TA-Power map by Bardi

Quick news tips:

- Cavedog Entertainment has released another TA! map.

We will release TA missions and maps based on the newest c_a_p's tileset

- Cavedog's core Necro has some 'minor' bugs. Click on the picture to download a fixed version

The resurrector K-Bot for core what a cool unit bro! ....

- To those nobodies whom hate the idea of TA2... I say **** you

Zap and later

There is no escape into the Moon V3
Posted by WarTek, 02-09-2000

Since you cannot escape playing cool TA maps, click on the minimap to download it now

Porqué nos sale de los güevos el ser los mejores :)
The newest TA-Power map by VanTheMan

Good for some racing peewees too. Zap and later

Bonus Arm Nova revision... Now it rocks!
Posted by Silencer, 02-06-2000

The weapon has been revised and now it rocks. The E cost has been slightly increased (1K aprox.) and it inflicts 550 damage per shot!. Now it fires each 1.6 secs using 185 E per shot, so if you got good resources and some of these toys then your enemy got a problem ..

A Night sample of the Nova... click to download the revised version Click to download the revised Arm Nova

-PS: Thanks to NJ_THUG and to Gray for their useful feedback

The Arm Nova released!
Posted by Silencer, 02-03-2000

The Nova is an old idea I had long time ago and after playtesting it extensively and working hard to be innovative...

Here it is the Heavy Lightning Defensive Tower for Arm!.

Place it behind your standard defenses and enjoy killing Core stuff (sorry patterns.. it's Arm time now =P ). Course, it is level 2 and buildable by all level 2 cons. units.

The TA-Power Arm Nova! ... click here and check it out ;) Click on the picture to DL the
Arm Nova

It got less range as the heavy laser turret but it is more powerful. Remember that each shoot takes 125 energy of you resources (HLT takes 75...). Pay your attention to the enemy and to the minimap, not to the cool electric blue lightning beam which it fires .. ok? =P

- Nova' stats:

BuildCostEnergy = 15978;
BuildCostMetal = 889;
BuildTime = 9999;
MaxDamage = 1890;
Weapon damage = 380;
Weapon reload time = 1.2;

And one more time... have fun guys! ;)

Strategies and tips about the Juno Project...
Posted by Silencer, 01-30-2000 / 02-02-2000

Well.. I'm receiving many E-mails asking me about what they hurt, how to use 'em, etc...

So here I go...

They're alien radar, sonar and jammer killers. Firing their stockpilable energy pulses from the same distance as a conventional nuke silo, they'll vaporize units and structures which use those signal devices. Radar/sonar aircrafts or jammer ships will be decimated too. The pulse area of effect is 2 screens aprox.

Strategies and tips :

- First of all, try to stockpile some
Juno pulses... then ...

- Use 'em b4 to attack enemy firebases, or huge enemy porc bases.
- Heavy jammered stuff heading to your base?..
- Or you suspect about a hidden enemy base? .. launch some
Juno pulses on 'em ;)
- They also can destroy enemy spy planes flying around by launching an E pulse
- Arm
Fibbers around? .. vaporize 'em! ;)
Juno pulses cause moderate damage to carriers too, and little damage to Targeting Facilities and Arm Annihilators(*)

- If you're playing as Arm vs. Core, you can build Annihilators. They'll get you a good radar umbrella and Juno pulses do not kill Annihilators. If you play Core, look for the enemy Annihilators first; Bomb 'em, 'cos he knows that
Juno pulses don't kill Annihilators...

-Antinukes will not fire against 'em. so they're not antinukes unloaders.

-If you're being attacked w/
Juno pulses, send your scout units inmediately, it is a good way to get some valuable LOS and to see what's hapening around...

*-* Your human/AI enemy expanded very well and got almost all the map full of stuff. And he's well jammered everywhere.. You've built your Targeting Facility and your 3 Berthas are ready, but can't fire 'cos they don't see anything. Heavy lasers, plasma cannons, defender forests... killing your units... hmm.. launch some Junos and enjoy llistening your Berthas firing ... ;)

PS: Initially, the AI will not fire Juno pulses on you. You can have lot of fun playing 'em online in multiplayer games. The next version of MoonAI will attack you w/ Juno pulses though, heheh...

If you got some comment or question about these units
click here

Said that ... Have fun!

Btw, our next unit is going alone ;)

War Report: Strange events on Juno...
...and the release of Juno Project!
Posted by Silencer, 01-24-2000 / 01-26-2000
/ 01-29-2000


The battle for the control of the galaxy continued, the incessant battles between both sides were already countless.

But the battle in the remote system of JUNO had been very special. When suddenly, dozens of Arm and Core commanders were sent to Juno system. An exaggerated fight took place, and millions of units were lost, almost draining the resources of the entire planetary system.

All the rumours pointed toward the existence of alien presence on Juno, but all the information on the matter was classified Top Secret.

What happened on Juno?...


... A long time after the brief, but awesome battles, it became known that which had really transpired...

The first Commanders to pass through the Galactic Gates to Juno were the victims of attacks from unknown foes which destroyed all their tactical signal devices. Radars, Jammers and Sonar units was being annihilated selectively.

More and more Commanders were arriving on Juno. They were all getting ready for the battle against the supposed alien forces, without knowing about the other sides presence. Arm and Core discovered that the attacks were being sent from alien automatic devices which fired unknown energy pulses from great distances.
So independently they went about looking for the alien presence, but found nothing. Core and Arm Commanders tracked and located some of the attacking alien structures simultaneously, and began the search of the advanced alien technology...
Certain research patrols found more variety of alien structures but it was just a matter of time only before the awesome battles in the Juno system began. Both armies wanted to reach the alien technologies first, while both sides were being annihilated, draining the planet resources and even destroying some of the valuable alien targets during the attacks...


Juno... a dead system now, one of the many decimated by the mad battles between Arm and Core, decimated worlds forever...

The scientists began their research, assimilating the technology of the captured Juno devices slowly. They took a lot of time in applying the advanced alien designs. And some of them had already been transferred to some of the better commanders... of both sides...

The Arm alien anti-signal pulsar version...
Arm Juno
Click to download both units into an ufo file ...

Click above to download the Juno Project
The Core alien anti-signal pulsar version...
Core Juno

Have fun! ;)

Click here to send your comments

Elite Pack bug fixed; the new Core Dictator added
Posted by Silencer, 01-21-2000

My Conflict Crusher copy didn't detect a weapon conflict between the TA-Power Sabot VTOLS and another unit weapon :\ . It has been totally fixed. And I've added the Core Dictator too.

You can click here to DL the Elite Pack... Yeah! =) Click on the picture to DL the Elite Pack.

Know what?... The final Core Dictator version is ready to download ;)
Posted by Silencer, 01-17-2000m

Today is my B day, and I want to bring to the TA scene the old Core Dictator project, which has been in Beta stage for a looong time.

Dictator is the most awesome Long Range Plasma Cannon made for TA. Here it is a short story...

KarGlaan, one of the most aggressive Core Commanders, dictated the order to design a new awesome long range plasma weapon...
Today, the same engineers who designed the Krogoth, have tested the new prototype on a real battle. The scary cannon, with the help of elite air forces, has totally annihilated the last ARM resistance in the 5th planet of Kloogh's system...

Click to download the Core Dictator Click on the picture to DL this new unit

Btw, it takes 5500 of Energy per shot, with a high weapon reload time.
Said that....Have fun!

All the material on this web is copyright by TA-POWER, 1999-2000
and a permission in writing by TA-POWER is needed for a reproduction, totally or partially, on other diffusion system