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  How to start your first skirmish game with the game paused

  By The Silencer

Just run TA and click on Load game first, then click on cancel. Now run a  Skirmish game. Notice that it'll be paused once the game is loaded.

  This tip is useful for people whom got slow computers (as me when I wrote this), so loading a game can take them several minutes. It saves you those annoying 2 minutes of AI's advantage when the game is already running and you're (bored) doing any other thing while your computer was still loading =)

  How to start the game without the intro video movie

Just right click on your TA icon, and then add  -c  to the command line. It should look as something like this  C:\CAVEDOG\TOTALA\TotalA.exe -c

  The intro video will be no longer shown. 

  Other command line parameters:

-d Windowed mode
-N1:[IP] Join game at this IP
-H [name] Host game with this name.


Players tend to play one or more of the following styles, depending on what map they play or even against who they play...:

Porcer: Concentrates on making its base into a defensive fortress. Teching up early, they rely on massive tactical strikes or squads of elite high-tech units.

  Octopus: Its guiding principle is quantity over quality. Quickly spreading out over the map, and trying to maximize resources income, it virtually ignore defenses and concentrate on offense. For it, anything is expendable.

Eagler: The air is the path to victory for the Eagle. Planes, with their vast mobility and unsurpassed ability to concentrate fire, are the Eagle’s weapon choice. Striking quickly, lethally, and then disappearing in the Eagle’s style.

  Swarmer or Rusher: Bases its self on to flood the enemy under waves of cheap troops, wasting enemy’s expansion efforts until it finally annihilates him.

  We're compiling more game tips. Feel free to send us yours.

The Silencer, 2003


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