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   The ÜberHack TA mod: Most known as ÜH, is by far the best TA mod around IMO. It fixes lots of original bugs, adding very interesting variations to the original units in order to give an unique role to each of the units in the game. 

  Also it includes a 3rd party High Quality units pack (currently around 40 new units in!) to extend the game-play and strategies of TA.

  I recommend you to move all your other 3rd party stuff to another folder before to run the TA mod. However
TA-Power collaborates in the project as well as releases units (and unit packs as the Spider Pack, which is already included in the official ÜH version 4.x, EUP, and soon the Scorpion Pack..) which are fully ÜberHack compatible.

ÜH TA mod goes with an installer and even with an easy-to-use switcher program which allows you to switch between OTA (Original TA) and Überhack in no time (by just a mouse click). The switcher even allows you to alternate between AI profiles and other TA mods. Very useful, yes?.. and not only to players but to TA mod designers too.

  I highly recommend you to read the info posted on
BSR' site to get an idea of the huge amount of new features and tweaks that the mod includes. Also you may visit the TAU ÜH forums to be current about the evolution of the ÜberHack TA mod.

Phoenix Worxs, an excellent online multiplayer TA client, serves a devote ÜberHack room to meet other ÜberHackers around. As you see, there's a new whole TA world in front of you, so cross the Galactic Gate line and be welcome to the party!! ;)

  For further info click on any of the links below
  Brave Sir Robin' site... He's the creator of UH

BSR's R&D (ÜH's home)

  ÜH Core Guide
  ÜH Arm Guide

Phoenix Worxs (online service)

TAU ÜberHack Forums

 SWTA The Force: Star Wars in TA you say?...

  aaahhh its sound..

  Yep, Star Wars: Rebels against Imperial forces fighting for ever in TA!

  This Total Conversion (from now TC) is nearly complete and many unit makers of the TA community are helping at this very promising project. Also new maps, missions and new tile-sets will be included as part of the TC, as well as a new game front-end. As you see a huge project coming along. Creators of the TC uses to release it in re-versioned packs, adding more and more features and units. It is worth downloading so check it out and use the links posted below

HAN SOLO is the SWTA leader...
Visit these links for further information:

  SWTA The Force

  SWTA Forum

And the force be with you! ..  heheh... I was about to forget about to say that. =)

  PS. Probably, we'll even make our own fat mod in the future. We'll see what happens though... Enjoy! ;)

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