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  In addition to our quality individual units, TA-Power is proud to provide game expansion unit packs that contain a variety of our high quality units for your Total Annihilation Experience.


TA-Power's Spider Pack (By The Silencer)

Recently released... check it out! ;)  

 The Arm Expansion Spider Pack 

Two versions of the
Spider Pack are available: One for the Original Total Annihilation (the game without any modifications, also known as OTA) and the version for the ÜberHack TA modification.

 What the pack contains 

The Spider Lab, built by the Level 1 Construction Kbot.

Spider Pack is built by the Level 1 construction Kbot. T
hese are the build pages that you may see in the game after to install the Arm Expansion Spider Pack:

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 Spider Pack Overview 

I made these units based on a simple theme: Diversity in maneuverability. There're no end-game or heavy units in this pack. However you get the enough variety in the pack to play new strategies.

To invest in spider technology in the early game is pretty risky. However during the middle or late game can be a worthwhile investment

The Spider Lab is expensive and builds sophisticate Arm
units. They tend to cost less metal, more energy and have higher build time than their standard Kbot cousins. They also a bit more fragile. (Only if this equivalence exists, given that the SP builds unique spiders, not simply a row of six-legged Kbot variants with climbing abilities.) =) 

As you already know, spiders can go through almost everywhere, but at the same time you'll sacrifice level 2 structures (and that means not only Adv. defenses but Adv. resource structures) given that the All-terrain Construction Kbot builds Tech. Level 1 stuff only. Thus, as hovers or OTA seaplanes, you may classify the Arm Expansion Spider Pack as Tech. level 1.5

There's not a consistent  'I've won because I've spiders and you not' factor. Notice that no decisive units, as starbust or long range artillery ones, have been included in the Spider Pack.

Fortunately, TA's
engine physics is pretty well coded, helping at the balance of their climbing abilities. Why am I pointing at this?: Notice how spiders decrease their speed at climbing terrain elevations; On that precise moment, spiders are much more vulnerable to the enemy fire.

Spiders hate fortifications and lasers
, so use fortification units as Dragon Teeth if they could be around.  If your opponent is DTing his stuff then you may use the Amphibious Assault spider to eradicate his fortified defenses. 

Gunships are good against spiders too, but always taking care of Migalas, because if Migalas are around then consider your gunships shredded in pieces. Core gets its Dominator (level 2 Vertical Rocket Launcher Kbot) and Arm gets the Migala (Anti-air flak Kbot) now on.

Spider Pack's units consume 4 new weapon IDs only in the OTA version, and only 1 new ID in the ÜberHack version.

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Detailed info on all the units included in the
Arm Expansion Spider Pack:

  • All-terrain Construction Kbot


      Equipped with nanolathe plans similar to the level 1 construction Kbot, the power and toughness of a construction vehicle, and the maneuverability of the spider chassis, makes the AT Construction Kbot almost indispensable. As bonus, it builds the unique and dangerous Spider Bunker.

  • A-t Short Range Paralyzer Kbot


      Spider. Maybe you think that this unit can't do much on the battlefield. If so then bad thing because this unit can be 'deadly' given that paralyzes its targets. Try out combos of these with Hobos (the assault spider), or with any other armed units, and better stick your ears if your opponent starts to scream!

  • A-t Stealth Radar Kbot


    Delimiter. Take a Kbot, add radar, stealth, and a spider chassis, and you get this highly mobile information gatherer. Using its stealth and climbing ability, you can sneak this spider almost anywhere to keep track of enemy movements. Remember: While stealth will keep you off of radar, enemy patrols will make short work of it if it is spotted, specially by enemy air units.  

      Note: It's radar umbrella is not that big as the standard' Radar Kbot one.

  • A-t Lightning Assault Kbot


    Hobo™, the spider version of the Zeus takes the excellent skirmishing lightning gun and combines it with high maneuverability. While slightly less armored than the Zeus, its ability to attack from the unexpected makes this unit an excellent choice for surprise attacks.

  • A-t Medium Range Missile Launcher Kbot


    Recluse. Need more range than the Hobo offers? If so this is the Kbot you need. Using a heavy Rocko type missile, this spider lets you provide cover fire from virtually anywhere. The Recluse is slow though, so enemy light units could hunt it with ease.

  • A-t Anti-air Flak Kbot 


      Migala™. Establishing a forward base and need heavy air protection? Or how about wanting to beef up your air defense while you finish that Bertha? The Migala lets you put the fear of Flak anywhere you want. Much more mobile than its wheel bound cousin the Phalanx, the Migala can be where you need it in moments notice. Hills and Mountains are nothing to this demon of AA emplacements. 

      Do not forget that it is useless against fast VTOLs as
    Hawks or Vamps. Obviously the unit is expensive, and you'll probably notice the drain of energy at building them on the Spider Lab.

      ( page 2 - top - )

  • A-t EMP Bomb Kbot


      Do not look for a crawler standard bomb in the Spider Lab because there is not any. A slight variation of the Invader gives you the EMP Bomb A-t Kbot. Using technology borrowed from the ARM Stunner, this Kbot erupts into a blast of neutralizing EMP waves, severely crippling any CORE unit that gets close.

      Tech. note: This unit could be improved with 2 different levels of paralysis damage (one for Self-destruct and
    another as ExplodeAs) but I do not want to waste another weapon ID, being these that limited in this game.

  • A-t Mobile nuke-interceptor Kbot


    Scarab was one of Cavedog's Original units, and it well deserves its place in the Spider Lab. Nukes are the largest of the mass destruction weapons, and a portable anti-nuke is priceless. For you though, it comes at a reduced price. ;)

  • A-t Jammer Kbot


    Diffuser™. Peanut butter and jelly, Computers and Total Annihilation, Radar jamming and a spider chassis. Two things that were just meant to go together. The advantage of having a radar jammer that can go over nearly any mountain doesn't even need an explanation... Although, its umbrella isn't as large as the standard Jammer Kbot one.

  • A-t Minelayer Kbot


    Venom. What walks on six legs (spiders are six legged in TA =) and leaves dangerous presents for your enemy to find? That's right the ARM Venom! A pack of these beauties can leave behind a trail of destruction that can halt even the largest of enemy attacks. Use them; Love them. 

  • A-t Resurrection Kbot

    . Who can take care of anything that has gone wrong? That's right Mom, and that's how we've named the Resurrection Spider. Capable of resurrecting any scrap pile into its former pristine and lethal self, the ARM Mother is the most nurturing Kbot around. It also it is a powerful build-assistant. Take care of them though, they are expensive, costing almost three times the price of the CORE Necro  

    Note: (UH's version costs are almost the same than
    the Necro's). 

  • A-t Long Range Paralysis Sniper Kbot


      Wolf Spider™. Here is a most dangerous unit. Although not as dangerous as the Sniper, given that this one paralyzes and the other vaporizes. If your opponent doesn't fortify his defenses then he's in trouble. This spider fires a long-range paralyzing weapon. The unit that gets hit will be paralyzed for around 10 seconds. Watch the energy drain though, these guys are not cheap to use. Some people have said the Wolf is too good, others have said it to be useless. 

      Let's see what happens on the battlefield then. ;) 

      ( page 3 - top - )

  • A-t Capture Kbot


    The Tick, a cloakable spider, with radar, a paralyzer, and the ability to capture. Seek out that isolated enemy unit and convert it to your side. Silent, sneaky, deadly. Don't forget that it does show up on radar.

      Note: Set it up to hold fire before to go hunt enemy units. I recall you that its weapon reload time is around 45 game ticks!.

  • A-t Transport Kbot


    The Nexus™, is able to hold 6 units and can go almost everywhere. Thanks to its amphibious nature, even water is not a barrier  to this unit carrier. Size restrictions prevent it from carrying bigger units such as the Core Sumo. However that does not stop you from 'borrowing' some for your opponent's paralyzed Core Goliaths. Think about it... it could be fun =)

      Note: Only units with a footprint of 3x3 or smaller can be transported by this unit.

  • A-t Amphibious Assault Kbot


    Namor™, this deadly and multi-talented Spider carries a ballistic cannon. Its fast movement, good firepower and amphibious ability make it a priceless unit on shore assaults.

  • A-t Anti-air Missile Kbot 


      Ra™. The newest addition to the Spider Pack, sporting an AA missile launcher and little brother to the Migala, is the Ra. Adding highly mobile bomber protection to any attack force or newly established base, the Ra is a must have.

  • A-t Scout Kbot


    The Flea. Fear the Fleas! This apparently weak and fragile unit can cause serious head aches to your opponents, especially during the early game. Use these guys made by Cavedog to hunt enemy construction units, to check vulnerable points of your enemy bases or ... hey, you know.. heheh. Love the Flea!.

  • Multi-energy Spider Bunker Defense

    The Spider Bunker, built by the A-t Construction Kbot

      Armed with two paralyzer turrets and a heavy laser, the Spider Bunker will teach your opponent respect. Along with its tremendous firepower, the Spider Bunker has the ability to close down decreasing damage taken, allowing it to survive until reinforcements arrive or just slow down the enemy advance. Built by the All-terrain Construction Kbot, it can be placed on unreachable places. 

      A powerful defense from the spider family. 

    Read below the Spider Pack installation info

Bonus and the last unit for the Spider Pack, coming soon
Spider Egg

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 How to Install this mod 

Now, depending on the version you downloaded, you choose the installation instruction set. 

 Installation for the ÜberHack TA mod 

1.- Place the Spider Pack UFO file into your root game folder


2.- Copy MOVEINFO.TDF and SOUND.TDF into the GAMEDATA folder  


if this folder does not exists then just create it into your root game folder

now only in the case you use the switcher based
UberHack version,
iIf not, then just skip this following installation step.

3.- Copy the SPUH2K3.XML file into your Uberhack Switcher folder


4.- That's all, run TA and enjoy!! 

 Installation for the Original TA game (OTA) 

Place the Spider Pack UFO file into your root TA game folder

2.- Copy MOVEINFO.TDF and SOUND.TDF into the GAMEDATA folder  

Note: if this folder does not exists then just create it into your root game folder

3.- About the extra Cavedog units

  The required Arm Scarab and the Arm Flea extra Cavedog units are included in the zip file as separate files. Place them into your root game folder.

 Final notes  

 If you do not have all the official extra Cavedog units then visit the Files section of  Planet Annihilation

  Remember that you need the official expansion, the Core Continency and the official retail patch v3.1c  installed on your computer to play many of our units. 

I hope that you'll have, at least, the same fun that I had making these!

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Coming soon - The Emergency Units Pack by TA-Power

 The Emergency Units Pack v3 

 Coming soon

 This Pack contains a selection of our High Quality units for you Total Annihilation experience.

 Units plan for the upcoming version 

(Rev.  -  means that the unit has been already revised)

TA-Power Arm Units

TA-Power Core units

  rev. RFMRPC  (info)   rev. RFMRPC   (info)
  Alien Anti-signal pulse launcher   Alien Anti-signal pulse launcher
Artillery Hovercraft   Artillery Hovercraft
  Fast Sabotage Vehicle   rev. Pattern Armed Kbot
  Anti-air tank   Amphibious Assault Transport
  rev. Heavy Lightning Support Tank   rev. Experimental Kbot II
  Heavy Lightning Tower   Selective Defense Tower
  Recently released... check it out! ;)  Pop-up Paralizer Trap

Visit the Units section to see all the units

 Coming soon 

Download your bone --> Emergency Units Pack v2b for the UberHack TA mod
Download your bone --> Emergency Units Pack v2b for the Original TA Game

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