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Little site maintenance

  Posted by The Silencer, 07-16-2012

  Fixed some few broken links here and there.

  Stay tuned because there're hopefully going to be more news soon. ;)

Weekend Deal - 66% OFF on Supreme Commander 2!!

  Posted by The Silencer, 11-05-2010

  Offer expires on monday Nov. 8th at 10AM PST. So.. what are you waiting for?.

  Click here to know more!!. ;)

Drooling, drooling, drooling on the River...

  Posted by The Silencer, 10-10-2010

  Or was "Rolling on the river"?... Anyway, I do not care much on that because I'm still drooling with the new DLC (and patches) that GPG has recently released on Steam for the Supreme Commander 2 game.

  If you like... better said yet, if you love quality RTS games as is the spiritual successor of our beloved TA game, Supreme Commander 2, then do not miss it!!.

  Once said that, you probably knew already on the brand new content for the SupCom2 game, but in case that you didn't, or that you have just heard some few distant whistles on it then, allow me to pass you tell ya a little more on this:

 - 8 brand new maps plus to unlocked pre-order maps = 10 new maps!.
 - 14 new units and structures, most of them Experimentals!.

 - New research boosts and upgrades for all of the factions.

 -  Plus new features, fixes and better balancing.

  Dudes and dudettes. In my opinion that's a lot of love for this game. Don't you?. =)

 I pass you some few links as well:

  Full DLC details at gamereplays with pictures!.

  Full DLC details

  Steam Game page

  SupCom 2 videos, articles, dev posts and more!.

  Do not miss this and see you all in the battlefield!!. ;)

  P.S. I took some few screen shots for your all pleasure. Click on any of the mini pictures posted below. Enjoy!.

  ( Coming soon! ).

Love to art - Part II.

  Posted by The Silencer, 06-25-2010

  Two wallpapers for you all!. This is an old concept I made in 2003 and subsequently you may find some few errors.. but I think the idea is not that bad. I do post a couple of sizes of it on here.

  Click to download one or both of the versions:  1024x768  -  2048x1536 .

  Enjoy! ;)

Love to art.

  Posted by The Silencer, 06-19-2010

  You like what I've done with the place?.


  Incoming cool stuff for the Supreme Commander 2 game!!.. ;)

More links of interest plus an interesting rumour.

  Posted by The Silencer, 05-15-2010

  First of all, here you have a couple of sites which you should visit in order to improve your skills in SupCom2.

  As you probably know already, the research tree allows you to unlock new units during the game, new abilities for units, estructures and ACU as well as to upgrade them with other goodies; amongst other thingies. All thanks the research points auto-generate by your ACU and by the Research Stations you may build during the game. The following site allows you to explore the entire Research Tree for the 3 different factions of the game. You even can calculate and check how much RPs ( Research Points ) gives you a number of RSs ( Research Stations ) in a given moment.

  It is worth the visit, believe me.

  The SupCom2 Units Database. Check the numbers of almost unit, structrure and/or upgrade in the game. Check who is the good, the bad and the ugly.. well the later should be the CybranZilla, huh? ;P. And by the way... this big XP ( experimental ) turns out to be amphibious. did you know that ? =).

  Another essential site to be bookmarked, indeed.

  Ah yes, on the rumour!:

  I've heard around that the guys at GPG are working on a big DLC pack!!. 

  We've got an Spanish idiom here at my end. It says as follows.. " Cuando el rνo suena, aguas lleva ". I think the English idiom would be something like.. " Where there's smoke, there's fire ".

Stay tuned

  And now that I'm at it.. a question: Why the hell there's not a friggin' version of the UFC game for the PC?!


Let's rock!!

  Posted by The Silencer, 03-03-2010

  Ready to play the best RTS game ever made so far?.


  Then let's rock playing the Supreme Commander 2 game; my dear dudes and dudettes!!. =)

  International release dates are as follows:

  PC version:

  March 2nd (North America), March 5th (Europe and rest of the world).

  Xbox 360 version:

  March 16th (North America), March 19th (Europe and rest of the world).

  Essential links:

  Supreme Commander 2: Official site.

  Supreme Commander 2 Demo

  EVERYTHING on Supreme Commander 2. ( Updated link )
Get ready!!. And if you want, click to enlarge

  By the way, I'll post on this very page a couple of extra comments on the following game concepts:

  The new Economy System. ( No more economy stalls you say?. Yes, it is!. )

  Research Stations, Points and Trees. ( Oh yeah, boy. )

  Stay tuned. ;)

  P.S. Have you seen the new video blogs made by Chris Taylor?. It's a must, guys!. And you'll see what's going on behind the scenes there at GPG. Cool stuff, believe me. Oh yes.. and how not.. here is the link!. Lol =)

Happy New Year!!

  Posted by The Silencer, 12-31-2009

  TA-Power wishes you a great and Happy New Year 2010!.

  This new year looks quite promising. I'll tell you later about what's going on in here.

  Stay tuned. ;)

Demigod demo available!

  Posted by The Silencer, 08-03-2009

  The Demigod demo is available for your all pleasure!. The demo features online Internet multiplayer games, the Cataract map and four playable Demigods (Regulus, Rook, Sedna and Lord Erebus.) All of the gameplay modes (Conquest, Dominate, Fortress and Slaughter) in Demigod are available to play in the demo.


  Click on any of the following links to download: Demigod official site  -  Fileplanet.

  By the way, have a look at this impressing animation video. You'll not feel deceived, believe me! =) :


  Hope you have had fun!. Stay tuned ;)

HD videos on SupCom2

  Posted by The Silencer, 06-14-2009

  The following links allow you to view HD 540p videos of the interview GameSpot made to Chris Taylor on Supreme Commander 2:

  Supreme Commander 2 - Troop Carriers.

  Supreme Commander 2 - Defending Platform from Drop Pod Mechs Gameplay Movie.

  Chris Taylor Interview plus pre-pre-alpha demo footage.  - My favourite... those first 5 secs. are hilarious =)

  Enjoy twice!.

E3 2009

  Posted by The Silencer, 06-09-2009

  Good, good.. =) plenty of new info on the upcoming Supreme Commander 2!. I've been amazed with the new direction the new SupCom game is going by the hand of the GPG guys. Here you got an official screen shot...


  Also you can view a set of quite interesting interview chunks with Chris Taylor, who reveals some of the new cool stuff they have implemented into the new game as he shows us a teaser PC demo of it. Remember that the current stage of the game is at pre-pre-alpha, and as CT told us too, it is just 9 months in development. But.. dudes and dudettes... that demo looks awesome already. You can have an idea on how impresive the retail game is going to be. I'd say Wow!.. but what the hell.. I'll say Woah! on here. =)

  Ok. Links to the videos I mentioned above. Notice how the game runs already on a 2 years old PC:

  E3 gamespot video interview with Chris Taylor plus demo footage.

  WalkThrough part 2 at gametrailers.

  VE3D Video for Supreme Commander 2 (PC) - E3 2009 Six-Minute Gameplay Movie.

  And how not.. a couple of pictures of this E3 2K9. One for the kids whilst the other one is for we; the kiddos. ;)


  More to come so stay tuned.

  PS: By the way, the new Aliens Vs. Predator 3 game being developed by the guys at Rebellion has absolutely catched my attention as well. Here you got links to both of the walkthrough parts I and II. Yes, is an FPS but I could not resist to highlight this promising title too... anyways.. cool stuff, huh?.

  Ups... ( Thermal vision.. )

Demigod released!!

  Posted by The Silencer, 04-17-2009


  Comes to my mind certain conversation I had with a member of the Ol' TA Guard in here... We were discussing on whether an Action RTS/RPG hybrid game would be as much fun as consistent or not in the Real World.

  Well.. today I can assure it: Yes it is!.

  This game not only works smoothly and nicely well but I've enjoyed in first person how brutally cool and fun it is!! =)

  So I think this is a good week for we the RTS and/or RPG gamers around the Globe, because the guys at Gas Powered Games (yep, the devs of Supreme Commander and Dungeon Siege) have released the DemiGod game!!
I'd say that's as epic as brutally cool... isn't it ? =)

  Here you got some ingame screenshots: ( click on any to enlarge )



  And you may check these links below so you get current and ready for the action of this new show!! ;)


  DemiGod game
  Gas Powered Games

  Stay tuned..

WTF?.. What the fake?.. or something...

  Posted by The Silencer, 02-08-2009

  We have discovered lots of fake TA-Power units hosted in the File Universe' server.

  So what...:

  1.- Download our original units on here only, thats is, on the Units Section.

  2.- The same applies to the Arm Expansion Spider Pack I made. Download it on the Elite Pack Section only.

  This way, what you get in here will be the most updated and original content we have made for the great Total Annihilation game. By the way, the TAP EP buton, linked to the Elite Pack Section, isn't a big buton so.. you know.. no eastern eggs in this place... ATM. =)

  Stay tuned! ;)

OMG... 2009!!

  Posted by The Silencer, 12-31-2008

  On behalf of the TA-Power's crew I wish you all a happy and good 2009!! =)

  As well as health, strength and.. fast hardware?; of course... ;)

Angel Supreme released

  Posted by The Silencer, 05-19-2008

  This Supreme Commander:Forged Alliance video made by Rake is finally done. Consists of FA in-game footage from replays, skirmishes and the Single Player campaign. Good music played, good action shown, and a good teaser of what you can see at playing SupCom:FA. It is 7:30 in length, and compressed with the Xvid video codec.

  Click on here to visit the release forum page. The author has posted links to download the mini show at several sizes and definitions. There are also a YouTube link and a Torrent available on there.

  For your all pleasure, guys. Have fun! =)

Some few quickies

  Posted by The Silencer, 05-01-2008

  In case you didn't know on any of these:

  The guys at GPG have released several patches for the Supreme Commander:Forged Alliance. These are currently available for the download via GPGnet. Do not miss any of these upgrades because these do make the game even more cool.

  I've received question on whether a SupCom:FA Editor will be released or not. Guys, honestly, no idea. Would be good idea to have the GPG guys compiling one for Forged Alliance. Anyways, check and post on the forums AndOr
™ ask in the GPGnet chat rooms for updates on this issue. Ok, a gossip on this..: Some metal bird told me that if you own FA and not the first SupCom (a.k.a vanilla), then you could download its demo, to install it, and finally run the Editor from the demo's root folder. If this does not work either then.. Hey.. I told you above.

  The Beyond the Red Line team has released the patch 2 for their BattleStar Galactica free game demo. Click on here to get current on what are they patiently cooking AndOr
™ to download your new patch. Edit: Those who have the Beyond the Red Line game already installed may upgrade to patch2 by deleting the old updater, and then downloading and running the new updater. You have many O.S flavours available on there, so pick up the one your platform requires. You also could register in there AndOr™ play some few games online AND... (now take a breath, please..) post your  Guys, you rock most of the time =)  line for the effort they put into those already awesome playable results.

BtRL ingame captured shot

  And now, an all new micro section. Dudes and dudettes... the What ifs from TA-Power:

  1.- What if... anyone decides to make an Alien Vs. Predator mod.. (or what about a whole game?).. architected on the newest CryTek (Crysis) engine?. That would rock, huh? 8)

  That'll be all for now,
  behave out there and have fun! ;)

  PS: A little experimental techno loop I made time ago (MS IE users only).

Want to see SupCom: FA in action?

  Posted by The Silencer, 12-25-2007

  Then have a look at this Youtube made by Rake. He has also posted links to download this video on the GPGnet forum.


  EDIT: I suggest you to surf on the Supreme Commander forums at GPGnet because there is a cool variety of fan-made video creations on there.

  Enjoy and Merry Christmas all!.

  Q - Ready to play Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance?
  A - Only to excess, Sir! =)

  Posted by The Silencer, 12-12-2007

  Instead of the usual and (most of the times) pretty fair game expansion one can buy out there, what you get here is practically a whole new game. Is good to see the guys at Gas Powered Games pushing the RTS boundaries once again.

  I tell you some of the new stuff they have put into FA:


 • Brand new faction, the Seraphim. Playable in skirmish and multiplayer.

 • 110 new units!: 10 new units and experimental per faction. Plus 80 new Seraphim.

 • New Multiplayer and Single Player maps.

 • New campaign featuring 15-20 hours of gameplay.

 • New Air flight Dynamics (More realistic flight).

 • Better gameplay. New balancing system, faster and cheaper Experimental units, agile game start, among many other things..

 • Improved game performance (engine, netcode, Etc.).

 • Completely new minimalist UI featuring four factional skins.

 • New unit shaders, much more cooler terrain, long Etc.

 • Procedural sky domes for more immersion into the game world.

 • New Fog of War rendering system.

 • Many of the old effects have been touched up or reworked as well as the addition of some really nice new effects (such as heat distortion on nukes as they fly).

 • New soundtracks by Jeremy Soule!.

 • Base Template system implemented.

 • New weapon systems.

 • Improved AI Pathfinding.

 • Many new AI archetypes to fight against!.

 • ... and the list goes and goes on!. By the way.. do not miss those new Seraphim wave sounds. Those do rock!. =) .


  Forged Alliance is stand alone. This means you do not need Supreme Commander to play it. Also, FA is not Vista only.

  And here is where the thing really launches.. The retail Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance allows you to play countless multiplayer games in the GPGNet:

  Ranked games, team and clan games, custom games, game replays..

  Also, the GPGNet software client allows you to access a huge database of new official and user made content for your game: Units, patches, maps and many other kinds of game mods...


  Related link (with around 80 in-game pictures as well as 3 official FA videos):  GameSpot

  Hey, you should see all this by your self.. so see you in there!! ;)

  Sort of BLOG... and do not miss this one!.

  Posted by The Silencer, 08-02-2007

  I do not use to post about non RTS related news here.. Although the following issue well deserves to be the exception of the rule.

  I tell you..


  As you did'nt know, I'm a hardcore Battle Star Galactica fan too. Once I watched the whole Re-imagined BSG 2003 show, an idea was persistently taking shape in my mind... "A Viper. I need to pilot a Viper!...". Well, there was not any Viper Simulator made around... non PC BSG Space SIMs... no nothing... I've to admit that was feeling pretty "Homer" at getting back zero results from my first Google search. Had not much more time to spent on that issue so I provisionally gave up. BUT... 3 weeks ago I was randomly viewing youtubes when... over there!... I suddenly found some piece of modding art made by the Beyond the Red Line guys. Yes!... a  f r e e  Space SIM game which allows the player to pilot Vipers MK II and MK VII!...

  From now on, the picture that persistently comes to my mind is my very own big-satisfaction smile at downloading and playing the game demo. Outstanding!!. =)

  This BSG 2003 based total conversion, or if you want, game; runs on a highly improved Free Space 2 engine. The guys at The FS2 Source Code Project have been kind enough at coding more and more cool stuff within the original FS2 game engine; which was kindly made public by Volition Inc. ( Thing that we'll not ever see in the TA community, IMHO.. ).

  So you do not need to own an FS2 game copy to play Beyond the Red Line. The game is downloadable as standalone installer to be run on Windows, Mac and Lynux.

  Hey.. a must have... and enough said! ;)


  BSG: Beyond the Red Line official site - Download it here

  Game Warden hosted Beyond the Red Line forum

  Youtube demo videos  1  and  2  ( there several more to view.. )

  And the Single player mission I've made. ( I go by the alias Deckard there )

  OK. Back to the RTS World... stay tuned, guys.. and more to come. Have fun!!.

  Site maintenance
  Around 1.000.000 visits!

  Posted by The Silencer, 07-05-2007

  Removed the MS FastCounter given that they do not support their free service anymore.

  We have had around 1 million visits here!. =)

Stay tuned..

Requested new versions...

  Posted by The Silencer, 03-11-2007 / 03-12-2007

  Sure; here you got them (revised):


Click to enlarge (1024x768) - Cybran flavour

Click to enlarge (1024x768) - UEF flavour     Click to enlarge (1024x768) - Aeon flavour

Have a good weekend!

  And a new one...

  Posted by The Silencer, 03-10-2007

  This time for 1024x768 users:


Have fun!

  Supreme Commander wallpaper

  Posted by The Silencer, 03-09-2007

  I've made a SupCom wallpaper for you all:


Hope you like it.. stay tuned

  Supreme Commander available now!

  Posted by The Silencer, 03-03-2007

  Yeah!. It is done Mr. Donez. Fresh copies of The Game are available everywhere. Thus no more waiting.. OK?.

Have a look at this...


  Hope you enjoyed these 2 exclusive and official screenshots.

  Stay tuned.. and.. up for a Supreme Commander game? ;)

  All that has a beginning has an... whatever..
  Incoming Supreme Commander!

  Posted by The Silencer, 02-13-2007

  It has been really cool to be part of the Total Annihilation community. Creating mods, playing online and making lots of friends all over the World. But the time has come.

  The Supreme Commander beta-testing process has been as fun as intense. Have a look at my ACU (Armored Commander Unit) below. It'll take me a while to get it well polished again.. =)). And to be brief here, I'd just say you that.. guys.. this game is as fun as huge!!. Just download and play the demo to get your self introduced in the SupCom's World.

  Chris Taylor and his team at GPG, are already giving us the chance we were waiting for.. so let's jump to the next level!. We D-Gun twice here at TA-Power; and we feel proud at announcing you that the Supreme Commander is going to hit the streets by this next 20th!.


  The demo is available for the download at: Fileplanet, Gamespot, and Filefront. Being Single Player based  (..although wait to see the Multiplayer World they have prepared for you!..), you can play in Skirmish mode and also a good chunk of the Cybran Campaign!.

  It is currently possible to pre-order the game from the very Official Supreme Commander site.  Little reminder: This site runs Flash technology, so you may enable its dynamic content and, if required, to download the Flash plug-in without any problem. There's a lot of content to check out on the game there. Do not forget to check the official and community forums as well.

  Well guys.. it has been a long road and I'd like to thank every member, collaborator and every fan who has supported TA-Power somehow during so many years.  Honestly.. I'll be impressed on this forever!!.

  We occasionally may post on this page some more of new content for TA. Nevertheless, we're already walking towards the Quantum Gate as I type this!. So get your own fresh SupCom ASAP, and join us in the other side!!.

  By the way.. have fun! ;)  

  Best Strategy Game of E3 2006?

  Posted by The Silencer, 06-25-2006

  Supreme Commander has been awarded the official Game Critics Award for Best Strategy Game of E3 2K6!.

  Stay tuned..

  Official HI-RES presentation video available for the download!

  Posted by The Silencer, 05-25-2006

  Little to say here and much to view: Run to, check the Media Section and download. Three different video resolutions are available. Also, you may watch it online. And in case you prefer to view it tranquil at home then you need Quicktime 7; which is available here.

  PS: I've already seen it.. say.. eight times?... Have fun! =)

  The Official SUPCOM presentation video available online

  Posted by The Silencer, 05-23-2006

  Here you got the first non-shakey one. Links to the upcoming high quality versions will be posted here too. Click here to watch the first presentation video in exclusive at Eurogamer. Enjoy!

  The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2006 is over
  SUPCOM footage!

  Posted by The Silencer, 05-21-2006

  Well, given that Planet Annihilation will not post news anymore, we could post upon a time some few quickies on on what is being cooked around..


Some of the E3's eye-candy on SUPCOM =)

 Here you got links to download a couple of hand-cam videos recorded by fans.

 Kudos to TimmyFred and El_Castro (the folks who recorded this footage).

 This link is to download the SupCom presentation video for this E3. ( I'd say is Chris Taylor in person who presents this one, don't you?. The file weights around 64Mb. )

 ..and this one brings to your home the game preview. (27.7 MB and also requires the XviD codec). Official non-shakey versions will be available soon on the SUPCOM' site.


  On the other hand, ChinaHook brings you  an addition to the converted Zhon Tile-set. This new material includes Shallow Water sections which interface with all Zhon coastal sections (Sandy, Savannah, Jungle, and Red Coast). It is not a light file given that it weights 53.1 Mb of pure mapmaking potential. It can be downloaded here.

  Ok, you already know.. ChinaHook = TA-Power, Silencer = TA-Power,  and TA = The RTS Game. Although that last premise could completely change; this would be once the Supreme Commander hits the streets, IMHO.

  Stay tuned..

  The Official Supreme Commander site is online!

  Posted by The Silencer, 04-17-2006

  Get current on the latest Supreme Commander information. The cool official site requires Flash 8. if you do not have it installed yet then you'll be redirected to its installation page. Notice that registered users will have access to exclusive SupCom content. So.. what are you waiting for?! ;)

  PS. I have updated almost every section on the site. Stay tuned

  Some of maintenance on the site
  Spider Egg's role unveiled and...
  Do not miss this one!

  Posted by The Silencer, 04-01-2006

  Gremlins again... The Archive Section's link was curiously broken. Also fixed a couple missing mini-maps on the Maps Section. By the way, we are updating this section to include every map made by our map-makers.

  On the other hand, the release of the Spider Egg will go this time for the UberHack TA mod only. Fear the Spider Egg, because this little Pop-up paralyzer trap, which also is able to cloack its self, can become in a nightmare for your opponents. Given that in the Original TA game, Krogoths are not inmune to paralyzers, then better we proceed this way with this unit; don't you?. However, OTA players will have their new brand unit too, so stay tuned =)

  Aaaaand.. do not miss this one. Probably you already know about this. If not then visit this link of the official Gas Powered Games Garage and have a look at the huge amount of features the GPG guys are nanolathing in  Supreme Commander. The first link jumps to a compilation of every fact made officially public on SupCom.

  Said all that.. have fun!

  Updates:  TA:K to TA Conversion Project is completed!
  New maps ready for the download

  Posted by The Silencer, 03-11-2006

  Hey.. pointers out of that Reclaim button please! ;P. It has been a long haul, indeed. The daily half ton of work tends to keep us out of the scene... you know.. real life. But here we go again:

  This time, GreyBeard, Wotan and ChinaHook bring you new cool TA material (specially for you mapmakers). The last chunk of a project which required more than one million clicks and huge amount of dedication as well. All for our beloved and oooold good RTS game: Total Annihilation!.

  It was time ago the last time we promised you this and now we can say loud and clear: Aramon set is ready!!.

  We have finished and released all entire set for Aramon world, the latest world of the huge Tileset Conversion Project that we started a lot of time ago. The Aramon tileset is graphically very attractive. There are good looking parts as the granite cliffs, the variety of sinkholes, and the set of very stunning looking high mountains. Mechanically it works well, with the existing part I of the tile-set offering a stupendous variety of rivers and sinkholes (both low and high) to play with. Another interesting piece is the way the coast transitions work, allowing easy transitions between shallow and cliff-like coastal sections.

  We have released the set in two parts for a better download, which you can download here: PART I , PART II

  And if you like to see before to believe, here are two maps for your enjoyment. These maps were done up by GreyBeard as demo maps for the just released Aramon TAK to TA Tileset Conversion. Maps require both tamec2004 and tak2004 feature sets to work.


Click to download this new map

Soggy Bottom

Click on the fat bone to download Soggy Bottom, by GreyBeard

  Its author, GreyBeard, say about it: This demo map was built to show off the best parts of the Aramon tileset, and thus the name... Soggy Bottom. This landscape is littered with streams and rivers, and a variety of boggy sinkholes. There are a fair number of shallow river crossings and also a few larger lakes to hide in if you're so inclined. The map supports 8 start positions, with positions 1 thru 4 starting in rough corners, with the possibility of using odds and evens as teams for the first 6 positions (odds across the top, evens across the bottom). Positions 7 and 8 start on hilltops near the center and are far more difficult to defend if you want a tougher AI game. Read the doc file for more detailed info.


Click to download Aramon Forts  Aramon Forts  Click on the fat bone to download Aramon Forts, by ChinaHook

  About Aramon Forts, GreyB tell us: This demo map was built along the same lines as my Creon Burning Woods map. The only real metal areas are the various fort and town sections. The road sections ARE NOT metal. Geo vents are likewise typically restricted to areas around the towns and forts.
The map supports 10 start positions, with positions 1 thru 4 starting in rough corners, with the possiblity of using odds and evens as teams for the first 6 positions (odds across the top, evens across the bottom). Positions 7 and 8 start on hilltops/forts at the edges of the map (centered vertically). Positions 9 and 10 start on the center fort area and are very close together... these last two spots are intended to be used as the most difficult spots to start against the AI. Don't use these spots for AI computer players (see doc file)

  The AI for these maps is actually a custom hover/air AI written by Chinahook. You can see the included text file and opening for some notes at the top on how the AI works and what it is capable of. The AI works surprisingly well on this kind of terrain, and seems to have no difficulty finding it's way across the the many river crossings and slopes. You will find more details about this AI into the AI file.

  Here you got it, all Worlds completed and even a couple of teaser maps for you all. Obviously, and this must be always taken in consideration, the essential credit goes to the Cavedog artists, whom created from scratch all these awesome tile-sets that we'll enjoy as TA maps. Nevertheless, many people have been contributing at this project for more than 2 years long. And now hoping that everybody is mentioned here, and if not, then, please, drop me a note to correct me... well known TAers as C_A_P, VanTheMan, ChinaHook, Wotan, GreyBeard, Mufdvr, and my self. Enough talk.. better you run to the updated Tile-sets Section and download as much you want!.


  PS: On the background sound: These stunning slap lines are an excerpt of Silver Rain, by Marcus Miller.


All the material on this web is copyright by Guillem Faura a.k.a "The Silencer" and Staff, 1998-2012
and a permission in writing by TA-Power is needed for a reproduction, totally or partially, on other diffusion system