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This is a brief list of links pointing to relevant TA related sites:

Cavedog Entertainment

 The creators of TA, the Cool War Game designed by Chris Taylor. The site is not online.

Gas Powered Games

 Founded by the man behind TA, Chris Taylor. GPG's team is going to develop a new breath-taking RTS game, according to several interviews made to Chris Taylor, which have been posted on many gaming news sites.

Planet Annihilation

 Who is hosting us. News, forums, hosted sites, TA files and much more.


 Site of Brave Sir Robin, the director of the most sophisticate and balanced TA modification: The ÜberHack. TA-Power has also contributed at its development and, as you already know, we release many compatible Units and Unit Pack versions for the ÜH. A must have; and it'll be what you need if you want to play online against any of us! ;)


 Huge TA and TA;K maps database. All the maps are evaluated and reviewed. These guys are 1 of the 3 TA community pillars.

Swedish YankSpankers

 Creators of the TA demo recorder so you may improve your TA learning curve watching demos. Also, they have created a full-working 3D recorder. A must have.

TA Designers

 The site of my friend Estrella. A big database of TA files. They do mod the TA game too.

Phoenix Worxs

 TA online multiplayer service made by hardcore fans after the dead of the official Boneyards. Download the PW client, choose your side and meet with other commanders to conquer the Galaxy. Also you'll find an ÜberHack room to play the mod online. Even you could play any of us there in ;)

Gaming Battle League

 TA online multiplayer service made by hardcore fans too.

TA Universe  TA news, big archive of TA files and lots of affiliated sites which are  owned by TA mod designers of all kinds.

The first TA-Power unit. The old and good Arm Oppressor.

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