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This page contains every AI profiles made by TA-Power: 

In order to increase the gameplay of TA, providing you more aggressive and cunning AI opponents in your games... so, you want some more of war?... then check these AI files out!

  Need hardest battles?.. Check it out!

Moon AI v1.5a
by VanTheMan

Our TA AI profiles:
A cool blending of DataNut's Demon AI, Sage's McnTerra AI along with VanTheMan's accurate additions.

   SavageAI's button by VanTheMan

  Savage TA:K AI by XCOMVeteran

The Savage AI is a much needed CHEATING AI. It has extra resources and will NOT mana stall in the early stages of a game. It will built up its forces and a base very fast it will be a much better challenge and can be very hard to beat. It uses the latest TA-Power Veteran AI script, so wave after wave of superior vicious AI forces are guaranteed. I recommend you to have a look into the readme file for further information.

Do not forget to check the readme files for further information

Also, I recommend that you visit AI Central. This site founded and managed by Quitch contains practically every AI profile ever made, as well as explanations, instructions and other useful information about how to use and install those AI profiles. You'll find his own high quality AI for the Original TA and ÜberHack, the Queller AI.

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