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  TA UberHack v3.1.6 released!

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 04-12-2002

  Yep, BSR is back, and the best way to check it is to visit his site, on where you'll see the link to download the new version of the excellent TA mod. Also I've updated the link to BSR's R&D given his recent server move. You have all the needed info on there to easily install the mod. I recall you that the UH mod pack goes with a switcher which allows you to reestablish your previous OTA configuration with just a click.

  Said that.. download the latest version of the mod and enjoy; because it is a must have guys. Btw, I post on here a couple of new BPs that I made yesterday. As always, stay tuned:

All-terrain Construction Kbot   you recognize them?...

  The first Zhon map for Total Annihilation!
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 04-07-2002

  Have a look around...: TA2's development almost officially confirmed, Dungeon Siege already available!, TAMEC's guys working on a TAMEC v2 site and much more... aahh, I feel good!.. at least until Monday at 06:00am heheh.. .)

  Ok, Cayambe is already downloadable. Also you need to download the TAK_ANIMS_1.ufo features file, do not forget to download it too given that it is needed to play the map. Comments about TA-Power's latest release are welcome on our forum

  Wotan's notes: Long overdue, but worth the wait! (if you ask me anyway). This map utilizes the latest converted TAK tileset for TA – Zhon, which will be part of an upcoming release as well. It also uses all new TAK based features which are far superior to previous iterations – you’ll need the TAK_ANIMS file available separately in order to play this map. The end result leaves an ‘as close to TAK quality’ graphical experience as you’ll get in TA. Be sure to check out the optional FX sound pack included as well ,)

  Click on the mini-map to download this awesome and, at the same time, wonderful map made by Wotan. As you probably already know, you've to place both of the files into your TOTALA folder. Have fun guys!

  Problems... and solutions
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 04-06-2002

  As many of you already know, TAMEC has temporarily closed their Uploads Area. So the promised releases can not be posted yet. Moreover I've had some few hardware problems and that's why I didn't post on Friday informing about this matter. Anyways, we are solving these problems being this way a matter of time only. Stay tuned.

The final Core Judge buildpic. Coming soon ;)

  Update from the ZHON Sector...
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Wotan & Silencer, 04-03-2002

  What follows are depictions of crucial battle fought on a newly discovered Zhon world known as Cayambe. Core Sector Commander, Mekhor 1215, authorized the use of previously unavailable technologies as well as significantly upgraded units in order to ensure the successful consolidation of Cayambe. Once a final analysis of this campaign is completed by New Central Consciousness, permission will be granted to local Commanders to enter the Zhon Sector and begin the invasion of new worlds. No word is available on new unit technologies and upgrades at this time, however...

Click to enlarge... (500 Kb aprox., do not miss this picture, it rocks!)   Click to enlarge... (500 Kb aprox., do not miss this picture, it rocks!!)   Click to enlarge... (500 Kb aprox., do not miss this picture, it rocks!!!)   

  The first Zhon map (pictures posted above have been taked on it) made by Wotan will be released on Friday here at TA-Power!. Need we say anything else? ;)

  Map's Festival goes on!!... plus a metal bonus
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer , 03-22-2002

  TAMEC reviewers have already evaluated both of the maps released at here a week ago. And both of them draw a gold line on the high quality TA maps designs. Let me to update&refresh your minds, being these patterned by Core or cloned by Arm; it does not care much =)

River Divide, by ChinaHook !!
click to download

  Screen Size:
6.9 MB
6.9 MB
64 MB

  Read map's review     Overall Rating: 9

Face Off v2,  by Mufdvr !!
click to download

  Screen Size:
5.86 MB
5.86 MB
64 MB

  Read map's review     Overall Rating: 10

  As you see, we do not stop of throwing fuel to this awesome game that even shines intensely in 2002!. 

  Okay, the bonus is an unit. I've called it the Core Judge. The unit is still at its beta 2 stage, it starts to draw its own niche but it lacks the quality I planned for it yet. However, fully playable, packed in OTA flavour only, being one of the biggest level 2 Core K-bot candidates and as dangerous as an alien in the toilette... heheh ... The Judge has arrived!

  I'd like to know your thoughts about the Judge, so use the forums to polish it, or simply to share your gameplay experience. Okay? ;) 

  By the way, I should post links to GBL and Phoenix... don't you agree?

  No oxygen, no fire... no mapmakers , no maps
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Bardi & Silencer , 03-08-2002

  Bardi is not gone buddies, and this is what he has to say you all:

  Rushing you said? this map would be suitable for that. the Switeck's metal AI (thanks Switeck) in OTA mode will send you constantly groups of level 1 and level 2 units. I don't recommend building only base defenses. if any Merl appears (and they WILL appear) you will need some mobile defense forces to destroy them ASAP, or you will see a lot of sentinel and guardians corpses over the map. Here you won't be able to use BB and nukes properly (BB shells and nukes will be stopped due to the big spires all over the map)

  The map was designed and created in C_A_P's Oxygen tileset, but there are allover the map Urban world buildings which can provide resources, but that's not very wise, it is a metal map, its main purpose is to obstaculize areas so units and weapons' fire won't be able to pass trough them. The map size is 12 x 10 and the filesize is an extremely light 180 Kb.

  By the way, I'm not planning to leave TA community again. I back and I'll probably be making some more maps and other stuff. Enjoy! ;)

  El Bardiales

  A 180 Kbytes download only?.. hmm, no minimap then, just download it and check your self how cool the map is in the game =)

  As you see, TA still acts as powerful talented designers' magnet. Stay tuned to get more proofs.

  Just cleaning the site... 
  Incoming bones =)
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer , 02-26-2002

  The 1 mile News page long has been shortened and archived. If you think that you've missed anything about us then check the Archive Section to see what's happened over here.

  The Official and frozen Cavedog site link has been added to the logo shown on the NavBar and in the Essentials drop-down list, as well as the link of the  Infogrames Total Annihilation forum.

  The Units Section is up to date. I'm waiting for TAMEC reviews to update the Maps Section.

  This is a sample of the bones we've already prepared for you...

nyum! .. the war-bone! ..

  Succulent, eh? ;)

  Coming soon...
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer , 02-18-2002

  Just experimenting to improve some few things... Stay tuned ;)

what the ....?

  Not TA related news this time... but cool ones! 
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer , 02-12-2002

  I'm planning to open a new site devoted to Aliens versus Predator II. Yes, that means AvP mods in brief =)
  If you are interested at to be part of the project then you may send me your profile, including a couple of screen shots of your work (in JPG format only). Also, only compressed files (using Winzip or WinRar) will be accepted.

Click here to send your aplication

  Obviously this does not mean that Ta-Power will not stay here or that we are not going to produce more TA cool stuff... So fans.. do not worry ;)

  Probably you're one of those who likes Max Payne single player games (I'm one of these =). Then you should visit this site. Its author, Kenneth Yeung has made an unbelievable Kung-Fu mod for Max Payne!. A must see and it is pretty stable so visit his site and check it out guys.

  Oh c'mon!.. Okay TA related news heheh...: Visit this link to read the latest interview made to Chris Taylor. I think these are one of the best unconfirmed news that I've heard lately (I remind you that these are unconfirmed yet). However, let me quote this interview's piece: But the truth is yes, we're very excited and we'll likely start an RTS project later this year. 

  That's all for now.. but stay tuned and behave ;)

  New TA-Power member!
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by mufdvr & Silencer , 02-09-2002

  I'm proud to announce an experienced and well known mapmaker as TA-Power member. He's also well known as TAMEC's maps reviewer and as the author of a popular TA utility... Enough said. Welcome aboard mufdvr! ;)

  He has made a new interesting map for you all and this is what he wants to say about this matter:

  This map was made for multiplayer East V West, and as a result will not give up much of a battle in skirmish, unless you have a four player game with yourself and the three AI`s all starting in the middle... Also this map shows off the new Windy trees for lusch and greenworld, the necessary files can be downloaded from the utilities page at TAMEC, URL`s to these files are listed below.

   MC_WindyTrees2      MC_WindyTrees_Greenworld     Rev31.GP3UPDATE

  Copy the two "windy trees" files to your \totala directory and do the same with the updated REV31.gp3 only BACK UP the original first.
Once you have these files in place the trees will all be animated. Credit and thanks for the "Windy Trees" goes to C_A_P and Merciless Creations and Geisthund222 for the updated REV31.gp3 which makes the windy "Lush World" trees work correctly.

  So here you got it; click on the links to download the necessary files and enjoy playing great battles on the newest battlefield: Face Off.

  The first Massive Long Range Plasma Canon for TA...
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer , 02-05-2002

  Well, here is the final revision of the Core Dictator. As you see, I do like to post on random days too ;) 

  No ÜberHack version is available or needed this time. Its build picture has been updated, as well as its weapon and unit stats tweaked. To those who have not seen the unit yet I could advance you that is a brutal unit, just launch the game and have a look at the script/animation that I made... Enjoy! ;)

  Intelligence report...
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by ChinaHook , 02-03-2002

  Core Intelligence has reported that an Arm contingent force is making military maneuvers in the 2013:4350 quadrant around the Thalassen sector, Beyond Larab Harbour. The spy satellite has been oriented to this area and has taken these images, confirming these troops movement. It seems that winds of war are coming again. Are you ready for the combat, commander?!.

Click to enlarge...   Click to enlarge...   Click to enlarge...   Click to enlarge...

  These images have been taken from Beyond Larab Harbour map, which we are actually developing here at TA-Power. We hope to release it soon. The map, as you can see, will include new tiles for Archipielago world and a big variety of combined improved TA:K features. We are working on fixing these features to allow reclaiming, destroying and burning them!.

  That's all for now. Have fun, behave and, of course, stay tuned! ;).

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