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aahhhh.. ol' times.. the ol' times.... the damn ol' times ..News: ( This site is best viewed with MS IExplorer )

Core Dictator UberHack version ready for the download

Posted by Silencer, 05-13-2000

Enough explanatory... If you don't know what is UberHack yet, then visit our Mods/TCs section. Do not miss it =)

The most awesome LRPC made ever is Core... it is scary Click here to download the UH Core Dictator version.

That's all for now; stay tuned tho ;)

Another final revision: Alien Radar Tricks!
A little fix and .. what about TA-Power mapmakers ??

Posted by Silencer, 05-11-2000

TA-Power mapmakers are sitll alive and kicking. VantheMan and Bardi They have been (and they still are..) working hard on certain new projects for you all. So expect big releases posted here on at TA-Power  soon ;)

Meanwhile I promise to update the
Maps Section; sorry guys but I had little time. Visit our Archive to check out all our released maps.

Said that, here it is the final version of the
Alien Radar Tricks. Both side units into an .ufo ZIPped file... The cool buildpic has been made by Faramir_gr, a talented future member of TA-Power

Click to download the alien Radar Tricks (both side units) Click on the pic to download both Arm and Core units

click here to check out the UH version

Visit the
Units Section for further information about these strategical and innovative units.

Also I post a little fix.. I forgot to add the standar CD buildpic borders on the
Core Commando pic. if you consider it as something relevant then re-download the OTA version and/or the UH version again.

That's all for now; take care commanders

New final revision: The Core Dictator !
Introduction to our newest unit concept ...

Posted by Silencer, 05-05-2000

We're currently working on several fronts. One of them is our Final Revision units plan. So as I promised you all, here it is the Core Dictator.

Click here to download the final Core Dictator rev. The most awesome LRPC made ever is Core... it is scary

As you probably know the
Dictator is a massive long range plasma cannon. It has 30% aprox. more range than the Intimidator. The little difference is that it shoots each 14 seconds/ticks inflicting a damage of 4500 per full massive plasma shell impact, being less accurately fired though.

What's new ?...

Its model has been retexxed, and it has new build pic made by WarLord_285. Woah... You have to see it in the game, cause it looks extremelly cool, believe me ;). Its Metal cost has been reduced and now you need having 6.000 of Energy per shoot. Damage modifiers for both  commanders have been reduced to 2.000 only...

I'm sorry if you like to play Arm porc style guy, but as my english friend says ... 'such life..' =)

Now the little intro to a new unit concept; the next TA-Power toy. I've got little time so, copy & paste and I'll see you all here later. meanwhile.. have fun guys !

   In one of the countless worlds of  Fregh' system controlled by the Core army ...

... after a earthquake which caused a mountainous detachment, Core scientists accidentally discovered how an acid variety had caused serious damage to the armour and the extensible material of many base patrol units.

They observed that the acid's corrosion had been highly selective; the acid damaged captured Flashes only, but not any Core unit... After making hundreds of exhaustive tests, they deduced that all Core materials were naturally ultra-resistant to that kind of acid.

Scientists were really surprised in front of that acid's warlike possibilities. Quickly, they organized a R&D division which designed and developed a system of advanced synthesis, meanwhile one of the newest launcher prototypes had arrived through the galactic Gate....
(to be continued)

- written by The Silencer, 2000

More TA-Power unit UH versions available on the units section
New AI Queller UH v5 available at AI Central

Download the newest TARAD unit... you didn't know that?...
Posted by Silencer, 05-01-2000

The Alien Radar Trick units for UH are available for download. I'm working on new UH versions of certain TA-Power units, as well as new and cool OTA (and maybe UH too) unit concepts which I'll post here on the news page soon ;)

TA-Power quickies:

AI Central has released a new version of their Queller UH AI profiles. So, if you enjoy playing UH and wat to play against a non-cheating AI then visit 'em and chek it out

And then you could visit Thug's site, TARAD to check the Lobster Thermidore aka 'Pinchy' out. It is a high quality (as all units made by Thug) all-terrain construction vehicle for Arm. This unit is OTA and UH compatible and here I post its build pic

Visit Total Annihilation Research And Development Enjoy and laterz

New TA-Power member
Another final revision: The Arm Nova

Posted by Silencer, 04-28-2000

First of all, I'm glad to announce WArLoRD_285 as an official TA-Power member. He's going to work at TA-Power as unitmaker and graphics artist. So welcome aboard commander ;)

Here it is the final revision of the
Arm Nova. I've made some minor improvements and it got a new build picture made by our new member. Just to remember you all that this unit is an advanced lightning defensive tower. It inflicts great damage to your enemy targets at a short range, and draining 185 E per shoot.

The TA-Power Arm Nova! ... click here and check it out ;) Click on the build pic to download the
final Arm Nova rev.

Here it is the
Nova' story, written by Kellan:

On the resource-rich planet of Beleth XIV, the Arm fought a losing battle against legions of Core heavy vehicles. The high ridges of Beleth made it an excellent environment for ambushes, and the desperate Arm scientists were drawn back to the Zeus project, for which the weapon system had shown promise. The result of several modifications, the Nova was a powerful weapon that could blast back the Core from the ridges. This enabled the Arm to build fortified bases and smash the Core with massive airstrikes, securing Beleth XIV.

More thingies ...

I'm working on the
Elite Pack v3.3, so I'll post it on TA-Power soon. Some mroe cool 3rd Party units will be included into it, as well as our newest units and final revisions.

We're still looking for modelers with demonstrable experience in the making of final 3DO unit models. So if you think that you're qualified to get the work then send us an e-mail (attaching some samples of your work...).

That's all for now. Stay tuned ;) ...

The entire TA-Power site is being improved
Posted by Silencer, 04-21-2000

As you can see ... I'm improving the entire TA-Power site. There is a lot of work to do. So I'll say AGHRSS—AAAA! , and now that I feel better .... =P

...I've uploaded the
updated Units Section (it looks very cool and contains all our units made till today), also the little AI Section and the News Archive. Now I'm working on some minor thingies of the Units Section, and I'll finish the HUGE! Maps Section.

All other sections are going alone, as well as some .. lemme call them as ... ex-tre-me-ly cool projects going on.. but they're still secret for the public ;)

And also, we've smart new TA-Power members to be officially announced here on... (and one old member will be fired)... all on the next couple days tho..Barf!. I feel tired today .. the site should be already NS compatible
Anyways ... Cya ya all later

More final revisions incoming...
Posted by WarTek, 04-17-2000

Our final revisions of all TA-Power units project is going alone...

It'll be re-released soon... Final Core KrogTaar revision 

It'll be re-released soon... Final Arm Hermes revision 

Coming soon... Final Arm Nike revision... 

Coming soon... and ... the Final Core Dictator revision... 

The Nike build picture, another cool work made by WarLord ;)

That cool
Hermes BP has been made by VanTheMan; who is working in a secret project for your all future pleasure. You'll see his results posted here at TA-Power soon... (™)x

All for now , Zap and Laterz

Roger.... It is being time for final revisions...
Project Juno is ready to download (UH and OTA compatible)
Core Commando is ready to download (UH and OTA revisions)
Posted by WarTek, 04-05-2000 / ... /  04-14-2000

We're planning to make final revisions of all TA-Power units. I'll post all revised units which will be re-released periodically...

Download the Final Juno Project Click to download the final Project Juno revision

What's new ?...

New model and new build picture. Adapted script/animation. Now this version is both Original TA (OTA) and UberHack (UH) compatible (UH note: Added UH camera unit types and TA-Power Alien Radar Tricks damage modifiers)

Warning: Do not use this unit if you're playing the TA-Power Elite Pack v3.2. The old version of the Juno project is into our unit pack and it'll give you ID conflicts...

It'll be re-released soon... Click to download the Core Commando. (UH rev. here)

What's new ?...

The unit has been re-conceptualized, several stat changes. Model retextured and  new build picture. Also we've made an UberHack (UH) compatible version. (see the link above)

The cool Commando build picture that you see above has been made by WarLord, who probably will be part of TA-Power crew soon ;)

That's all for now. Zap and Laterz

All the material on this web is copyright by TA-POWER, 1999-2000
and a permission in writing by TA-POWER is needed for a reproduction, totally or partially, on other diffusion system