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  Arm Nike v3 for the Original TA!
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 07-04-2002

  The revised version of the Arm Nike is already available for the download. 

  Thanks to Gamma who has revised its script for me (notice how the unit behaves much better in the game now on). Also this version goes with new Cavedog style pictures. I think that this unit deserves its own lab so I've already made a cool tech 3 lab design. As always, it's a matter of time... ;)

 The Core heavy war machine was punishing the Arm Army. Their fortified bases, defended by their newest heavy units were practically unassailable. The Arm High Command summoned their best scientists in a secret base of the remote system of Glenhya. Moderate time later, they had designed the heaviest amphibious combat unit of the Arm War History.

 The Nike was willing for the battle!!
The Arm Nike v3, click to downlad the unit

  ÜberHack's Extended Build Pictures Pack 

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 06-29-2002

  Yep, already done! ;) . I've already rendered the whole set, of almost 40 new BPs at Cavedoggish style, to be included in the new version of the ÜberHack TA modification. Unfortunately BSR has double work to do now on; he has to move all his site files to another server, given the recent unknown TAU failure, and also to finish the pretty awaited v3.1.8 of the ÜberHack

  Wishing him the best luck, I'll post a teaser (Hope you'll love these ones): 

The Arm Devastator ( Unit playable in ÜberHack only )  Geothermal massive plasma battery ( Unit playable in ÜberHack only)  Seaplane bomber ( Unit playable in ÜberHack only)  The Core Exploiter, an armed metal extractor ( Unit playable in ÜberHack only)

  Stay tuned, we've got more cool TA news to post.


Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by VanTheMan, 06-25-2002

  Hello again, I have made another map for your pleasure, following the line that I used to make the last one ( Little Wing ). This map has great new things such as water and.. better you check it your self in the game ;). On this map, where Silencer helped me a bit with the idea, you have four dark mesas surrounded by water and also circular shaped hills on where you'll fight your land battles. So this is a total war map, it features both battle flavors, land and water. I hope you'll have a nice time playing on this new TA map design, it is worth the download... Have fun!

Click to download Echoes !

  Atlantean Base v2

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 06-14-2002

  As promised, here it is the new map. Click on the mini-map posted below to download this cool mixed 22 x 18 Atlantis map. As always use the forum to post your comments about this new release made by mufdvr. 

  To install it; unzip the map file to your TOTALA directory. Also you will need these 2 files  TAMEChpi2000 and TAMEChpi2000b. In the case of that you'd have not any of them, both of these can be downloaded at TAMEC, in the utilities section.

Click to download Atlantean Base by mufdvr

  Another required file, muflogo.ccx, is included with the download; all these files must be in your TA directory otherwise the map will fail to load. Enjoy!

  Don't move!.. we're still here! =)

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 06-07-2002 / 06-09-2002

  PART I - Unit making activity: It goes well but slowly at the same time. Real Life strikes again and dead-line means precisely that.. dead-line. The final version of the Spider Pack is almost ready.. but not yet. Also I've been working on a new set of cavedoggish buildpics for the ÜberHack TA mod. Here I post a couple of samples, all of the BPs will remain secret until BSR releases the 3.1.8 build...: 

The Arm Centurion  These are ÜH exclusive units  The Arm Pitbull

  PART II - TA-Power' site tweaks: Every ÜH related link on this site as been updated, also the links on the Essentials drop-down list posted above and a couple of broken links here and there. Moreover, I've added 2 new links which point to a couple of html pages that allow you to check your self every tweak made to ÜH's units. Very interesting stuff (it needs a little update though) and a cool TA based layout made by BSR. So do not miss these new links which are available on the Mods Section. My next tweak-mania goal will be the Maps Section

  PART III - Mufdrv has been working on a new map for you all. And this is what he has to say:

  Greetings all, I hope you like this new piece of Atlantis;... basically it consists of an island fortress in the center with lots of resources to be fought over and surrounded by four larger islands with the maps edge rimmed by land, best explained by taking a look at the mini-map.

Atlantean Base's Map by Mufdvr. Coming soon...

  Atlantean Base v2's map size is 22 x 18, and it'll accept until 10 players in multiplayer. Once said all that... stay tuned guys.

  Orbital Intelligence reports
  Beyond Larab Harbour's map reviewed by TAMEC

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 05-27-2002

  First of all, I have been abnormally busy during this week. However VanTheMan has sent to me intelligence reports in relation to new planets on where extreme battles will happen ( I'll post orbital snapshots only, other info about this matter is still classified )

Hmm.. I do see water ;)  click on each one to enlarge  Yep, it is water !


  On the other hand, Beyond Larab Harbour's map, made by ChinaHook has been already rated by TAMEC's guys with an overall of 9

  Read Map's review    Download BLH's map

  TA2 officially announced!!
  TA-Power newsbits
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 05-18-2002 / 05-23-2002

  Yep, it is official already, so expect an increase of TA2 related activity around and everywhere ;)

  A couple of official announcements have been posted on Phantagram and Infogrames. It is something like never you expected to see half year ago, eh?. So the show goes on!

  Now about us: You may blame our  hard work on the real life, given that it often means no new releases. However, we're preparing new stuff for you all. Say excellent maps, say new units, say... stay tuned guys ;) 

  Also, I've decided to help
BSR in the making of a whole set of Cavedoggish BPs for the ÜberHack. He has kindly advanced us that a new build of the mod will be released soon. Unfortunately, their host, the well known is  definitively gone, yes; this is a very sad new for the TA community, a sad new which has been well covered at all the big TA news sites around (visit your news sites to know more about this sad event). As I was saying, you may download the Uberhack TA Mod at TAEC, while ÜH's author heads to a new unconfirmed yet host.

  That's all for now, so 'ojo al dato'

  Let's rock!
  Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 05-10-2002

  From now, the Unit Packs Section includes exhaustive info about the Spider Pack. General annotation, unit descriptions, pictures, and build menu pages about the whole set of units included in the SP v5.a. Check this info out and show to your opponents what
'Go Spider!' means!  ;)

  We release Little Wing's map!
  Bug found... OTA Spider Pack v5a FIX

  Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by VanTheMan & Silencer, 05-04-2002

  Do you remember the old Death Valley desert, where some of the most famous battles where fought? Some KrogTaar activity has been reported on the zone, the commanders from the two factions are moving to it. The time has come. Featuring Bryce 5.0 this map tries to show you how a desert map can be done with this tool. Using some of the existing features and changing others, you will be able to play another flavor of the existent Great Divide type maps. So, download it and have fun!

Download Little Wing. Made by VanTheMan
TAMEC HPI 2000 Required

(available at TAMEC, Utilities Section)

Note: This map is a demo of the new Desert Tileset made by VanTheMan

  The provided stuff, compressed into a Winzip file, does contains a file with all the necessary steps to install the AI, which was especially designed for this map and based on VanTheman's MoonAI profiles. Remember to check your downloads integrity always; you can do this by running the Test action of your Winzip copy (See into the menu Actions).

  Important report:  

  On the other hand, most of you maybe have not noticed this but
a bug in the OTA version of the Spider Pack has been found. Recluse's weapon name is wrong, so it does not fire in the game. Do not ask, no idea about how this could be changed... Anyways here is the link to download the fixed version.

UH users are not affected by this bug. That's all for now. Enjoy! ;) 

  Goes well...
  He is back!... who you say?
  TA-Power's mod announcement!!
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 04-30-2002

  More than 4000 hits in only 3 days!!, even with the server problems we have had during the past weekend. If you are having trouble with the installation, or in general terms at using the Spider Pack, we'll give you support on our forum. In the same way if you have any suggestion, comment or complain then I recommend you to use the same way to contact us.

  I'm glad to tell you all that VanTheMan is back to the front-line, and he has not come alone. If you're new at this community then visit the Maps Section to see his work in the mapmaking TA branch. It is a good thing to see old community members still active today. If you visit the Staff section you'll see as most of our members are not active, (for example, THUG being the Modeling Dep. Head and who designed a bunch of awesome models here at TA-Power, retired long time ago) and that means that all the cool stuff posted on here these last months has been made by some few active members. I want to thank them all for the enormous shared effort! ;)

  Okay, new map incoming.. so here it goes a teaser screenshot:

click to enlarge...

  Yup, new tileset. And finally, to announce you all that the decision has been made:

  I'm working already on our own TA-Power Mod. Yes, the time is coming.

  During a long time, we've been supporting, trying to help at its development, observing and enjoying of ÜberHack. It has been good, believe me. We'll use it as valuable start point given that we agree on lots of good ideas ( including lots of Switeck's Bugfix ones ) and pretty neat and needed tweaks included in the mod by BSR and TAEC's members. But I realize that the compulsion has reached its limit here and that our own touch in the game would be something cool to be seen by the community. For example, I can advance you all that the final version of the Spider Pack will be included in our mod, as well as lots of changes, which comes from different points of views about the game, will be included too, already released and even new  TA-Power units, new AI profiles (newbie-friendly), and a long secret Etc. So it is being time to develop another big project for the the best RTS ever.

  Stay tuned, releases incoming ;)

  Spider Pack v.5a released!
  Both OTA and UH versions available
  Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 04-25-2002

  I don't want to close the Spider Pack project at all yet. I plan to include some few new spiders in the future; say for example 3. By then I'll consider the SP at final version stage. For the moment, I have not added the previously announced new spider, given that it needs some more of work and my schedule has been blown up by the Real Life. Well, the next version will include those 3 new spiders, which is also pretty interesting, is that so? ;) 

  I post the ÜberHack version first. I'm packing the OTA (Original TA) version, so stay tuned to download because the link will be activated soon...

  As you can see above, a whole set of new build pictures can be added on your TA interface. I've put an special effort at this. So, more tweaks present at this release are listed below:

  • Spider Bunker: LLT replaced by another paralyzer cannon. Now on, both of the paralysis cannons aim/turn slower, given that VTOLs were easy preys for them.

  • Hobo' script: Slightly tweaked.

  • Migala's weapon behavior revised: Given an engine bug, anti-air flak units behave not always as you could expect. From now on, it should fire slightly better (OTA Version only; other tweaks could be included in the OTA version too)

  Okay, this is the plan then: UH version released already, and OTA version incoming; today, of course... as I said OTA's version is already available for the download.  

  To OTA players only: I Recall you all that you MUST place the provided sound.tdf file into your /TOTALA/GAMEDATA folder. Have a look at the ReadmeFisrt text file included in the zip for further info. Only then you'll be able to hear 11 new spider sounds, as well as to see a whole set of new F1 BPs in the game. 

  That's all.. do not forget about to post your comments on the forum

  We announce the Spider Pack v5
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 04-19-2002

  Yes, the final version of the Spider Pack is almost ready for the download. After the recent map festival here at TA-Power, I do consider that it is being time for some of unit making activity. I've been working on a lot of tweaks, a whole set of Cavedog' style buildpics, and also a new unique spider unit is  included in the pack.

 This is the final Spider Lab BP. 
If all goes well, the new version will be released during the next week. Stay tuned

The Spider Lab  ( by Silencer )

All the material on this web is copyright by Guillem Faura and Staff, 1998-2002
and a permission in writing by TA-Power is needed for a reproduction, totally or partially, on other diffusion system