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TA-Power quickies...
Posted by Silencer , 05-24-2002

First of all, seems to be that C_A_P strikes again with the creation of 2, yes I said two new tilesets (have a look at Planet Annihilation to see a pair of awesome screen shots). And as you probably know, he always makes a cool map in order to show you all the new tileset potential, so stay tuned for new releases by the TA Map Master ;)

More cool news,
BSR has released the UH 3.1b and I want to recommend you to download it a.s.a.p. due that it includes several improvements. However this is not a final version so the only different thing is that it does not include an installer or other minor thingies as improved unit description translations. Visit this TAU forum thread for further information about its installation. The download file size has been reduced, being around 7MB only now.
So click here to download the new UH build from
BSR's site.

Another good new for us is that
Estrella (visit Estrella's site), who have got both TA:K to TA TA-Power tilesets has offered his fast internet connection to upload both tilesets to TAMEC again. So stay tuned for both Veruna and Creon download links. =)

That's all for now, have fun guys

TA-Power recommends you 4 good maps
Posted by Silencer , 05-18-2002

I want to recommend you these non-TA-Power maps. All these are extremely well done and, if you've never played them yet, they will surprise you giving to you very good game experiences in multi-player as well as in skirmish against the AI. While I'm repairing our main Maps Section I can advance you that I'm creating a new Suggestions Section, so consider this post as an introduction to that new site idea. Here I post 4 mini-maps with downloadable links for your all pleasure, all maps are little ones so you'll download all them quickly. To install them just unzip each file into your TOTALA folder and have fun guys:

Arm Resources Central by Dri Great Water Divide by NoIdea (I've been looking around for its author but no idea sorry) MondBerge by C_A_P  Crater Face Junior by C_A_P

Want to see more cool build pictures?
Posted by Silencer , 05-13-2002

These are some few BPs rendered by Sinclaire. As you see all these are Cavedog units. The trick is that you can see them in the game if you place them into a folder named as unitpics into your TOTALA installation folder. I post on here a downloadable zip file which contains all these pictures, so if you want to see them in the game then just create the folder an unzip them in. -- ie:-->  C:\CAVEDOG\TOTALA\UNITPICS. 


        Bonus, the newest TA-Power Arm Oppressor heheh.. (picture made by Faramir_gr)   Download the BPs

That's all for now, stay tuned.

Alive and kicking, TA-Power strikes again ;)
TA projects, Projects and more projects... 
Posted by Silencer , 05-05-2002

First of all I'd like to thank GameSpy's guys and DarkYouth from PA for their support to TA-Power. So bookmark our new url.

Well, it has been a terrible month for us. First
TAMEC went down and then TA-Power. The bad news are that all our Maps Section is screwed up.. doh!... so no maps available for the download. We are uploading all the stuff again and working to fix all the lost links.

Fortunately we're back to a relative normality heheh. I've rebuilt all our pages as well as all the lost data. Some improvements here and there have been made too. The old Elite Pack section is the new TA-Power Unit Packs Section now. Most of the download links should be operative now, however the Creon tileset is not available for the download yet as well, as I said above, as the whole maps or tileset stuff. As soon as possible we'll re-upload the Creon tileset for all mapmakers enjoyment. Talking about maps I plan to remake the maps section to facilitate its navigation and I'll create, of course, a new Tileset Section with our latest creations for this so friggin' site ;).

ell, as I was telling you... lots of TA news around, many of them are not rumors but serious and cool ones like the latest GBL version (an impressive 3rd party multiplayer online service for TA!), the newest TA Demo Recorder (a product made in YanksSpankersLand which does not work with my spanish TA exe version once it patches it...aheeem), or the betaish UH version 3.1 'missile of the true and the good balancing Totem for TA' ... and many other news but this post should be brief =) 

Over here, we're currently working on several TA projects now.
I think that you'll like the final results.

So have fun, behave, and of course.. stay tuned  I give you all a hint about one of these projects ...

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