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Answers, answers ...
TA-Power logo contest! =)
Posted by Silencer, 06-07-2000

...Fans are asking about the unit pictures that I've posted here on, as well as sending suggestions for the new plane concept. Okay, I give you some answers. 

About the plane: The most attractive idea that I find for this airplane concept is to make it a generic bomber for Core. There're a wide variety of bombers in TA, but this will be a non-conventional one.. guaranteed

About the cannon which appears in the Intruder screenshot: It is being play-tested. that's all I can say for now sorry. Okay.. it is for Arm =P

All other units (less the Core Cracker) are posted on our Units Section, so have a look at them to know what they are.

...Yup, a TA-Power logo contest =)   want to see your creation here on each time you visit TA-Power? Then send us your TA-Power logo concept

The logo should include these colors: Yellow and  black. Blue and gray colors are optional but allowed too. The required size is between 500x100 and 500x75 pixels. Copyrights and author names/nicks on the logo are not allowed. The logo must be in GIF format, and it has to be sent to us into a zip file.

Click here to send us your logo idea. The winner will be the first one in playing our next unit, even before its release here at TA-Power. His name will be posted here on and his logo will be placed on the top of the page =)

TA-Power logo contest ends on 06/14/2000 and starts ... now! =)

Sorry clones. I couldn't resist it ...
Posted by Silencer, 06-05-2000

hmmm.. 1, 2 ... dammit.. 3 turrets! =P Click here to enlarge

...As you see I've found a little of free time to model this new toy for you all patterns ;)

Coming soon...

It is being time to post a new TA-Power map... is it ?

Posted by Silencer, 06-03-2000

Yep, a cool Oxygen tileset based map by Bardi

Click on the minimap to download Plasma Atontao file map size? is 0.7MB only ;)

Author's note: An abandoned Core base has been taken by some other races, who wrote here things like: Down With Arm! or He hate Core! =P, beware with the plasma pumps, they can stop the nukes and Big Berthas´ shots.

    Sea Level: 0
    Tileset: Oxygen (By
C_A_P and Blackthorn)
    Map features: Oxygen
    Map size: 10 x 10
    Ram required: 16, better with 32 mb.
    File size: 0,7MB ;)
    Tidal strenght: 0
    Gravity: 112
    Num. Players: 4.

So check it out and have fun!

... that's the question
Posted by Silencer, 06-01-2000 / 06-02-2000

I was playing a bit with Rhino yesterday ...

A new TA-Power VTOL concept sample ;)

... dream and feel free to send me suggestions for this concept

Maybe this picture helps... VTOL3-128x128.jpg (3383 bytes) Laterz

To play TA or not to play TA...
Posted by Silencer, 05-30-2000

Mr. Faramir_gr has been working hard in the making of new a-we-so-me build pics for several TA-Power units included into our Final Revision unit Plan.

...Less talk ad better I show you all some samples of his work:

Coming soon... The final Arm Pack0, a great AA support unit for Arm

The Arm Hermes tank will experiment several changes coming soon...

And as final touch for this today's post, have a look at this screen shot...

Coming soon...
Click here to enlarge

... Now, take your own conclusions about this freeware... Later ;)

We're concentrating more and more power... wow! ;)
Preview of the newest incoming TA-Power unit
From now, XCOMVeteran's AI is the official TA-Power AI for TA:K

Posted by Silencer, 05-26-2000

- First of all, I'm proud to officially announce the MapMaster C_A_P as a guest TA-Power member. As you know we've been working on the TA:K to TA tileset conversion and we're enjoying of working together. You'll see the awesome results of this work very soon!.

- Here I post the picture of our incoming unit

Image rendered by the unit artist THUG I'll post more details about it soon

- Another new
TA-Power member... Now, you get a new high quality product for TA:K. We'll support this great epic game a bit more ;)
XCOMVeteran has been working hard on his new Veteran TA:K AI v1.5 profiles, so we officially release his work and we announce him as TA-Power member ;)

Ta-Power TA:K VeteranAI v1.5 Click here to download

Author's note:

The TA-Power Veteran AI is the premium AI for TA:K. It's specifically designed for building attacking units and larger armies. It is available in 2 flavours; CUT and OTAK. It supports Creon, TABDD's Azurian race and XCOMveterans Orison race for TA:K

So, welcome aboard guys ! =)

Hey UHers, here it is the fixed Juno

Posted by Silencer, 05-25-2000

Yep, I forgot to inlclude the damage modifiers for both UH jammer towers. Heh sorry for the inconvenience. Re-download the unit and have fun guys.

Click to download the fixed Project Juno  Download the Final Juno Project

To all, stay tuned 'cos I'll post hot news and more cool stuff soon ;)

The newest  TA-Power unit: The first chemical war tower for TA!
New TA-Power member
Ready? ... Another Veruna screenshot for TA

Posted by Silencer, 05-20-2000

Latest reports indicate that the prototype weapon acts well as an alternative Neutron technology; with much less destructive power and weapon range though, but being effective on many battlefields....

Now you commander; your mission is to report your own battlefield results

A Cracker picture rendered by the unit artist NJ_THUG Click here to download

- Our newest unit, The
Core Cracker. In order to support the UberHack mod we release it as an UH compatible unit only. However, I'll post the OTA version on the next couple days. (btw, send to us your comments about this unit)

- The new Ta-Power member is Faramir_gr. He's a a very talented artist and he'll make TA art and new concepts for our incoming units. Welcome aboard commander! ;)

- Here I post another screenshot of the converted
Veruna tileset for TA taked by VanTheMan:

woah! ;)
Click here to enlarge

If I catch you saying that TA is dead... then I kill you! =P
God save Total Annihilation!

More TA:K conversion bits : Exclusive Veruna screenshots for TA!
Posted by Silencer, 05-18-2000

As I promised you all, here I post some bits of the converted Veruna tileset for TA:

hey! =)
Click here to enlarge

wow! =)
Click here to enlarge

woah! Here it is another sample, you'll be amazed soon! ;)
Click here to enlarge

These screenshots are just some few samples of
VanTheMan's work with the Veruna tileset for TA.

Later ;)

TA:K worlds for TA: We did it! =)

Posted by Silencer, 05-16-2000

The secret project has been revealed. All TA:K worlds have been converted to TA by the TA:K to TA Conversion Team; heheh...

Here it is a sample, you'll be amazed soon! ;)
Click here to enlarge

Ta-Power has been plenty involved converting 2 entire TA:K tilesets for TA. VanTheMan and Bardi have been working hard on this huge project. For example, the whole Veruna tileset is over 50MB!

As you probably know,
C_A_P has posted on TA Universe 2 screenshots of the converted Taros tileset.

Visit TA Universe to see more screenshots and a picture of the incoming newest
C_A_P's AI profiles Editor.

I'll post more exclusive details and screenshots on the next couple days, so stay tuned ;)

All the material on this web is copyright by TA-POWER, 1999-2000
and a permission in writing by TA-POWER is needed for a reproduction, totally or partially, on other diffusion system