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Here they are... The Artillery Hover Tanks
Posted by Silencer, 08-19-2000

Today, we release the
UH version... However, I'll try to balance the OTA-UH percentage of TA-Power releases soon. Also, I'm planning to reactivate our F.U.R.P (Final Units Revision Plan) again. Visit our news archive for further infor... So... the Artillery Hover Tanks The Arm Artillery Hover Tank...      The Core Artillery Hover Tank...

Click on the link above to download both hover tanks into an .UFO zipped file. Have fun ;)

Ps: How the hell you think in playing TA without using a mouse and a keyboard?. Hmmm.. dunno... =P ?

Hey.. 77.777 visits. I like this number
Posted by Silencer, 08-14-2000 - 18:30pm

TA-Power quickies:

- The
TA to TA:K Tileset Conversion Team begins to work again to bring to you all the worlds of TAK for TA. As you probably know, mapmaster C_A_P and TA-Power mapmakers ( VanTheMan and El Bardi ) are working hard on this awaited and unique conversion TOGETHER. Now, cross your fingers .. the release is a matter of time only. Now you got a cool new to post or to message overthere... ;)

- I'll advance you that these Hover Tanks posted below are Artillery Hovers for both sides. We're just playtesting 'em so I'll release them on the next couple of days.

- Due that ICQ is suxxxing hard! these last days overhere... if you want to meet us on IRC, there's a new #UH channel at
So type
/join #UH ... and be welcome to a good meeting point to find UH games or talk about almost everything. I'll be there on greassing my D-Gun and/or  nanolathing corish fridges (Tm).

Lazy mode on, that's all for now. Have fun and laterz gang =)

Hey clones... Alarm on the shore!
Posted by Silencer, 08-10-2000 - 18:00pm

Yep, the Core Amphibious Heavy Armed Transport is ready for the download

The UH Core Intruder...
Click here to download the Core Intruder

Today I post the UH (UberHack) version, in order to promote this excellent TA mod.

This unit is based on an awesome model made by
NJ_THUG, and it has been extensively balanced, playtested in skirmish/LAN/multiplayer, and also it includes an innovative script made by Immerman ( thanks pal ;) which auto-decides where to download an unit when the DL point is not free.

Some Unit Stats :

Buildable by the Adv Vehicle Plant, menu 3 button 5
Metal cost:
Energy cost:
Max. damage:
Weapon: Gymp energy beam

If you haven't got
UH yet then Visit the Annihilated UberHack forum to download the TA UberHack mod and have fun ;)

PS: Hey BSR, at least you owe me 10 bucks now, don't ya ? .. =P

I'm back guys ... =)
What Happened to the RTS sector ?
Posted by Silencer, 08-09-2000 / 08-10-2000

Compiling infor ...........

Hello litter =)
After the death of the
Boneyards I want to say you all that I'll be playing TA (mainly UH tho.. I've to communicate you that UberHack seems to be near to its final version...) hmm... yeah.. till the release of the vastly promising GPS RTS game, recently announced by for the all well-known Mr. Chris Taylor, who is the General Director of his OWN company Gas Powered Games.
That will help (I'm being too moderate here, I know...) the RTS gaming sector to recover after the huge and devastating (and dramatic?) TA impact... so stay tranquil.. or not  ('cos meanwhile there're still some few interesting TA related projects around ;)

Okay Mc Key .. We got 2 new cool maps released, all them highly rated (9) by
TAMEC guys. Btw, VanTheMan is officially a TAMEC map reviewer; thus ..
Congrats amigo merengón! ;)

Damm; What about units ? .. Yop. I think that it has sense to make some more units for TA yet. I'm working simultaneously on 4 new
TA-Power units.

So, as you see, we're still here on the job; building some more future for this game which we all love... Said all that ...

The TA-Power mapmaker Bardi has been working on these 2 new maps, with great results IMO :

Click to download Epicentro Activo
Click on the minimap to download Epicentro Activo

Map size: 10 x 10
HD map size (Unzipped): 2,9MB
HD map size (Zipped): 2,9MB
Ram required: 16MB minimun, 32mb recommended

Map type: Adamante and Evergreen tileset with transitions.
Tileset(s) author(s):
C_A_P and Mecha-Goodzila
AI used: MoonAI 1,5b (Made by
TA:CC required: no, but ... dammit, get it now! =P

If you want to read the TAMEC review click here

Author desc. : The battle in a badly terraformed moon with earthquakes, nice spires, fissures, and a guardian battle, enjoy a good AI battle too.

As bonus Bardi has made a revision of his Tontos del Plasma map. Do not miss it and DL it too. It is a cool Detention Center tileset based map:

Click to download Tontos del Plasma
Click to download Tontos del Plasma

You got more infor about this map on our
News Archive Section or If you want the most recent infor about it then read its TAMEC review

Also, I post here on a pair of new BPs... yop, new hover tanks for both sides and some other summer gifts almost ready for the download...

A new Hover Tank for Arm      A new Hover Tank for Core
Have fun.. and stay tuned ;)

PS: Sir Alec, we'll never forget you.

New TA-Power map ready for download
Posted by Silencer, 07-09-2000 / 07-10-2000

First of all the logo winner is EzyRider. As you see his logo has been placed on the top. The option B logo has been made by Vissing. I'll post his logo on some other TA-Power pages too, so everybody happy.. heheh. Now seriously.. Congrats to both artists ! ;)

Okay; after a long time without releasing maps here at
Ta-Power, I'm glad to post here on a new Bardi map creation: La Debil y Peligrosa Union

'La Débil y Peligrosa Unión' map
Click to download our newest map

Here it is some more information about this map:

- Map size: 10x15
- File size(zipped & unzipped):3.75MB
- Ram required: 32MB
- Tileset: CD Lush
- Wind speed: medium
TACC or TABT required: Yes

Author's note :
This is a medium sized map that is like a North vs South coast to coast, also with a little ground bridge where ground units can travel to the other coast. Lots of strategies can be implemented; but i warn you: The AI will not give you a super battle ( or maybe it will...)

Have fun and stay tuned ;)

Think in green
Posted by Silencer, 07-07-2000

Thx for voting for your logo option. We got enough votes for now ;)

This is my pal Ulises after eating 2 KGs of pistachos. Well, a pity... really, now he only drinks Heineken beer...

Sooo, tomorrow I'll post some more stuff .. so later in the night

TA-Power logo contest finalists
Posted by Silencer, 06-30-2000

Well, we've received some really cool logos from you all. I want to thanks all the artists who have sent their concepts to us. After delivering, we've choosed 2 logos which I post here on... (btw, I love both designs ;)

- Option (A)

Da winner logo has been placed on top (by

- Option (B)
Vote for the option B

This logo will be posted on some
TA-Power pages too (logo made by Vissing)

Click here to vote for your option (use 'final logo' as subject plz).

All Hail James Cameron!
Posted by Silencer, 06-28-2000

Seems to be that will be a Terminator III movie (T2-3D apart, course). Now, all depends on the decisition of the for all knowed cinema director James Cameron. The 'cyborg Arnold' has already said yes and he's fully interested in working again for Cameron so .. cross your fingers litter.
Also another Indiana Jones movie has been already confirmed... wow!

Btw, these are non TA related news... Later =)

Final Arm Consul OTA and UH versions
Posted by Silencer, 06-27-2000

Both Arm Consul versions were too powerful being amphibious in the game, allowing abusive underwater actions; so I've revised the unit disabling that feature. Thanks to Gray for the tip.
Now, the
Consul is officially another completed final revision, acording to our FURP (Final Unit Revisions Plan).

So here they are both links to re-download da cool unit:

Click here to download the OTA version

Click here to download the UberHack version

That's all for now. Do not take much the sun (UKers.. stick your ears while I'm saying this =P). Laterz

Time to release the Arm RFMRPC version
Posted by Silencer, 06-23-2000

Yep, it is the Rapid Fire Medium Range Plasma Cannon for Arm. It costs approximately twice the Guardian costs. Costing more metal (not much tho), it has some more armour than its level 1 homologous. Obviously it is buildable by level 2 construction units only. I post the OTA version with an excellent buildpic made by the graphical artist Faramir_gr.

Rapid Medium Range Plasma Cannons: The Arm deterrer Click here to download the Arm Deterrer OTA version

The term of the
TA-Power logo contest has concluded, so do not send more logos please. The logos that you have sent will be subjected to internal voting. Thanks to all whom have sent all those cool logo ideas ;).
I will reveal the winner of the contest soon.

Let's spread some acid ... The Core Cracker OTA version
Posted by Silencer, 06-18-2000

I've been mucho busy on real life but here it is the OTA version. I've added several 3rd party unit damage modifier definitions into its weapon file. I'll post a revision 2 for UberHack on the next couple days.

The OTA cracker ... still hot and ready for download ;) Click here to download the Core CRacker OTA version

Now, I want to thanks all people whom have sent these cool logos for
TA-Power ;).

I'll expand the logo contest end date one week more. Just remembering you to send GIF image formats only. I'll post some of these cool logos here on next time. Have fun guys. 

The UberHack Arm Consul version
Posted by Silencer, 06-11-2000

Here it is the UH version.This unit is not an UH Freaker for Arm tho. It does not build heavy laser or medium range plasma cannons but I think that it'll give you more interesting UH games.

Said that, click here to download it and have fun.

Boys and girls.... The Arm Consul
Posted by Silencer, 06-09-2000

The newest Arm level 2 vehicle is able to build mine fields, as well as light level 1 defensive/offensive structures to establish your first 'consulate' on the enemy's area.

This unit is based on a NJ_THUG's HQ model. Picture rendered by the unit artist NJ_THUG Click here to download the OTA version

Its best quality: it is almost as fast as a F.A.R.K. This unit shares similar technology

The bonus: It is amphibious ;).. so you'll be able to establish your consulate on beautiful and/or exotic islands using this new unit too...

Btw, we'll release an OTA and
UH Core Cracker revision this weekend, as well as the UH version of the Arm Consul

Have fun =)

PS: The contest: We're waiting for your TA-Power logo ideas. so c'mon ;)

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