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  TA-POWER reviewed by Estrella
  A real X-File?...
Posted by Silencer , 01-24-2002

  Estrella, the webmaster of the well known TA site has posted an interesting review about us. Their site is one of the oldest Sites of the TA community and condenses a huge amount of TA stuff, from units and maps to TA Races. Also they got a great quantity of quality maps and even TA tutorials. A must have in your TA favourites.

  On the other hand, I want to share what I call a real X file guys... See the picture below:

  This picture has been drawn by Quico Palomar a known artist here at Catalonia. He has never seen TA at any format, and even less the box of Core Contingency. Well, I suggested him to draw a picture for me and... he made the one posted above. Wow! .. Telepathy?... Is an X File or not ?

  Stay tuned ;)

  About TA-POWER's Unit Packs...
Posted by Silencer , 01-18-2002

  There is people sending me e-mail asking about the Arm Expansion Spider Units Pack or about the Emergency Units Pack. Both of them are available for the download on the TAP EP Section (see the button on the NavBar?).

 Click here if you do not see the button. Or click on the Essential Links Box from above.

  UberHack v3.1.5 patch file is available for the download
Posted by Silencer , 01-15-2002

  Brave Sir Robin, TA ÜberHack's author, posted a couple of days ago on the forums.

  His post contained instructions to install a downloadable winzip file which balances both of the heavy tanks ( the Bulldog and the Goliath cost more energy and build time now on.. ) and also the Arm Centurion (which has a weapon range increase, from 600 to 900 IIRC).  Unfortunatelly, the UH forum is being updated so it is not available for the public at this moment. So I post a link to download the file as well as brief instructions to install it on your computer:

The file contains 3 new TDF files and 1 new UFO file. You must create a new DOWNLOADS folder into your TOTALA folder, that is TOTALA\DOWNLOADS. Place there in these 3 TDF files. Then place the ufo file into your TOTALA folder. and that's all, your UH version is already updated. Call me Mr. Evident if you want, but I'll do not answer any e-mail asking about the installation process, you know? .. heheh ;). The link to download the winzip file is here

A must have for your online UH games. Have fun!

  Empyrrean Messas gets a 9 9 9 9 at TAMEC!
Posted by Silencer , 01-13-2002

  Yep, TAMEC has blessed another of the maps made by ChinaHook. I post the links to download the map ( if you have not downloaded it yet ) and to read TAMEC's map review.

  ... also I've fixed both TAMEC and Estrella's links on the navigation bar as well as added the link to the Infogrames TA support page into the Essentials Box. Happy new year 2002!.. a bit late I know .. heheh.. and stay tuned.

  New map!
Posted by Silencer , 01-09-2002

  ChinaHook has been working on another map for your all pleasure. This is what he said about this matter:

  A river crosses the map from left to right. There are some shallow zones produced for the seasonal swellings of the river. In the middle, there's an island sourronded by the river with some geothermals, metal patches and metal-trees. This island could be a very strategical and critical position. Try to control this land masse as soon as posible. The control of this island can be the gate to the final victory. Some hills and heights are disseminated around the map. Use them to set your strategy. Hover units could be a good choice, but not the only one. In fact, the system will attack to you with heterogeneous unit combos (hover+air+ground+amph units). well!, I don't wanna spend your time. So, try it!!. If you liked 'Great Divide', you will like River Divide..., I'm sure!!.

  ...and free nanolathed CocaCola in the middle =). By the way, I have added the TA Source Code Petition code under both of our site administrator nicks/e-mails. We support the petition, of course, and listen; we have got a bunch of cool ideas for that possible v3.1d TA patch (just click on the button an write a line of support to the petition on the forum). Said that .. Have fun and behave ;). 

  EU Pack revision, (important for online UH games)
Posted by Silencer , 12-30-2002

  I've removed both of the fake radar dots, given that they were ramdomly crashing the game. I'm studying the cause tho, but no one knows why at the moment. Cracker's weapon has been toned down from 700 to 600 damage points. Basically, these're all the changes in this revision. Have fun and enjoy estable online games ! ;)

Click to download the EU PACK v2b for UH

  Some of TA Art
Posted by Silencer , 12-23-2002

  Given the recent release of the KrogTaar, here it goes a quick render which I made yesterday. This is more or less what you should see in 3D when a KrogTaar locks its weaponary on you =)

  Stay tuned; new TA projects incoming.

  Green Lake: Reviewed and available for the download
Posted by Silencer , 12-16-2002

  New excellent battlefield designed by ChinaHook is available again. I post on here a couple of links: One is to download the map while you use the other link to read more about the map during the download:

    New OTA Core KrogTaar version available
Posted by Silencer , 12-01-2002

  About time, yes. This version goes with all of the cool tweaks included in the ÜH version. It is built in the Gantry and wait to see it in the game (if you are one of these who have not seen the new version in action yet ;)

  Here 's the link to download the new toy. Have fun!

  TA-Power finally gets recognition from ÜberHack's author
Posted by Silencer , 11-25-2002

  This text has been extracted from BSR's site; Links page:

  TA-Power is the home of some very cool third-party units, including the famous Spider Pack. They're by far the unit group most supportive of the mod, posting UH-specific versions of their units. 

  And we're glad to hear that; and while we finish our incoming OTA and ÜH releases I suggest you to stay tuned ;)

  The way we choose...
Posted by Silencer , 11-10-2002

  We are still here, indeed; and working on many TA projects covering all the areas of the game. These cool prjs will be released soon. So do not worry about your metal cookies because the TA addiction is still flowing in our blood as usual. Stay tuned ;)

  Happy Halloween!. 'Feliç castanyada a tothom!' =)
Posted by Silencer , 10-30-2002

  Well, here is the first unit made for TA-Power, the Arm Oppressor. This toy is the first Arm Heavy Rocket Launcher made for TA. A great model by THUG with a lot of changes in all of the other files. Yes, I'm talking about the version 2, thus click on the BP to download the revised toy. 

  No ÜberHack version is available, just OTA this time. Enjoy! ;)

  Fixing a good map
Posted by ChinaHook , 10-29-2002

  Some troubles have been detected in the AI of the older version of Empyrrean Mesas. I have fixed these bugs and I have make some minor changes in the features of the map (change/remove/add features). I have also replaced some tiles in the map for new others. These tiles will be available soon at TAMEC & TA-Power. v1.2 is the latest version of the map. Remove the older version (v1.0) or overwrite it. Now, the map uses the Evergreen.txt AI file. 

  That's all for now. Enjoy Empyrrean Mesas again (and if you have not downloaded it yet... what are you waiting for??... ;) and sorry for the inconveniences!!.

  TA-Power Emergency Units Pack version 2
  Wow!... More than a quarter of million visits!
Posted by Silencer , 10-17-2002

  This new compilation includes tweaked Arm and Core versions of the Fake Radar Dot units, reaching a total of 17 units in the pack. Also, being not glad with the Core Cracker behavior, I've improved its weapon abandoning the  ballistic weapon style in order to improve its role in the battlefield.

  Visit the Units Section for further info about these new additions.

  I feel deceived and I'll tell you why... I'd like to have some of feedback about this units pack but seems to be that no one takes the little time to post some few comments or ideas on the TA-Power forum. And if I tell you the truth, that does not motivate me much after the hard work...

 You may download the TA-Power EUP for ÜH by clicking on here.

  More stunning samples of the incoming Zhon tileset for TA
Posted by Wotan & Silencer , 10-05-2002

  More exclusive screen shots for you all. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures:

Click to enlarge... Click to enlarge...

  ...mighty rivers, still laden with the rich soil of an eternal spring, spill forth into azure seas. Here, sandy beaches reveal only the slightest glimpses of the deep jungles and the lofty mountains beyond. Here great escarpments guard entry from both land and sea and impassable swamps shroud the ghosts of civilizations long gone… 

  This is Zhon. The fourth TAK tileset conversion to TA with well over 100 MB of tileset data alone, this is the largest conversion project yet. In addition, newly converted features will bring this rich world to life with new trees, plants, and ancient ruins. Look for a demo map in the weeks to come, followed by a two-part tileset release soon thereafter.

  Note: We'd like to hear some feedback from you about our recently released EUP for UH. Visit our forum to post your thoughts by clicking on the Essential Drop-down Links List, ok? ;)

  More stunning TA projects incoming.

  We release the Emergency Units Pack for ÜberHack
Posted by Silencer , 09-28-2002

  As I said: Massive TA-Power Unit Revisions Plan.

  This pack contains 15 improved units, which are 100% compatible with the latest ÜberHack version 3.r1.b4. units included in the Emergency Units Pack:

Arm TA-Power Units

Core TA-Power units

  Rapid Fire MRPC   Rapid Fire MRPC
  Anti-Signal Silo   Anti-Signal Silo
  Artillery Hovercraft   Artillery Hovercraft
  Fast Sabotage Vehicle   Pattern Armed Kbot
  Anti-air tank   Heavy Armed Transp.
  Heavy Support Tank   Experimental Kbot II
  Heavy Lightning Defense   Selective Defense
  Pop-up AA defense   Visit the Units Section for further info

  There're other units to be included in, but I like to examine well their role and behavior in the game before to do it. I do not want to write a book so check the tweaks your self ;)

In the same way, I can advance you all that all UH exclusive unit versions will be ported to OTA, as well as old OTA versions will be revised. 

  Moreover, all the revised units included in this pack will be posted separately on the Units Section as soon as possible. Remember that the Arm Expansion Spider Pack includes 14 unique units more, so you have a total of 29 units to increase your gameplay experience or to complete any possible lack in your game strategies.

 Said all that... Time to play; enjoy!!     Click to download the Emergency Units Pack for TA ÜberHack

  More cool stuff, OTA RFMRPC fix
Posted by Silencer , 09-25-2002

  First of all, download the OTA RFMRPC units again. There's a stupid bug in the previous released file which has caused some few game crashes around. Already fixed, so click on here to update your version. UH versions do not need any fix.

  More site improvements: See the new Essential Links list control above?.

  The Maps Section has been tweaked again. From now it includes a total of 27 maps, yes I said 27... plus some minor tweaks here and there:

  Evad River Mouth, made by ChinaHook, has been blessed with a 9 overall score. Also I've included 3 stunning maps made by joshcomm1; one of those is his latest high quality creation, Attack Alley, which has reached an overall of 9 too.

  There are links to TAMEC Detailed Reviews for all our posted maps. To load these you have to click on any of metal blinking arrows placed under each map name.

  As last comment, I can advance you that we're going to enlarge our Team very soon and with very talented TA designers. Stay tuned and behave.

  We show you samples of the incoming Zhon tileset for TA
Posted by Wotan & Silencer , 09-21-2002

  Wotan has sent me new info about the Zhon tileset which he's is working on. The tileset is almost ready for the download and the results are really awesome. Check it your self by clicking on the following thumbnails.

Click to enlarge... Click to enlarge... Click to enlarge...

  On the heels of the recent Creon tileset conversion, we head south into the lush tropics of Zhon. An unexplored world, as of yet defiled by the ravages of the warring machines that will no doubt make their way to even this new Eden, the mysteries of the jungle await...

  We'll post more wonderful screen shots for your all pleasure. Stay tuned.

  Improving TA-Power
Posted by Silencer , 09-18-2002

  All of the maps posted on the Maps Section are available again. The 100% operative section contains a total of 20 quality maps with high TAMEC overalls. 

  The Units Section has been updated too. All the links point to latest versions, a couple of bugs have been fixed and every unit made by TA-Power has been added in.

  The other sections have been more or less tweaked too. I suggest you to  stay tuned cause I'm going to post soon a serie of screen shots. These pictures are stunning and they'll show how awesome Zhon (one of the TA:K tilesets) looks in TA. Indeed; the TA:K to TA Tilesets Conversion Project strikes again and Wotan is the man who has been working on this conversion. 

  That's all for now.

  Life goes on guys... 
  It is being time for some of plasma; isn't it ?
Posted by Silencer , 09-15-2002

  The Rapid Fire Medium Range Plasma Cannons are ready for the download.

  About the Arm version, the Deterrer, we'll tell you that it has been slightly re-balanced as well as its model and textures tweaked.

The Arm Deterrer v2 is available for the download   The Core Scatterer is available for the download
OTA version          UH version

  The Core version, the Scatterer is a whole new unit. Both units share the same weapon (to save weapon ids) which uses a modified new sound and fires twice faster as the standard TA MRPCs; most known as Mr. Punisher and Mr. Guardian

  However their weapon range is shortest than the mentioned standard units and they do not implement pop-up technology as the Ambusher or the Toaster.

  Both units go into an UFO file and look very well in the game. Heheh, how cool is to work hard on a couple of new units and later to play them in your own TA games. Enough said... a must have.

  Attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon
Posted by Silencer , 09-12-2002

   TA-Power's staff want to express our most sincere condolences to the victims and victims family of the recent terrorist attacks, as well as to condemn these horrible attacks which have caused thousands of people dead. 

  In the same way, we hope the gilties of the massacre will be harshly punished by so inhuman acts.

  In order to express our solidarity with American people, we'll cancel the releases that we had prepared for today. 

  Silencer and TA-Power' Staff

All the material on this web is copyright by Guillem Faura and Staff, 1998-2002
and a permission in writing by TA-Power is needed for a reproduction, totally or partially, on other diffusion system