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Juno Project; final version
Posted by Silencer, 01-03-2002

This final version includes a new awesome explosion gaf file and a new weapon build menu for the Juno pulse. Thanks to Weapon7 for creating and sending me both cool files ;)

A Juno Anti-signal Alien Silo
Click here to download both units in a single file.

These units are
OTA and ÜH compatible. Visit our Units Section for further information.

Veruna fix
Posted by Silencer, 12-30-2000

This fix includes 5 fixed Veruna tiles. So mapmakers using this tileset should download this 789KB file by clicking here.

Now it is being time for more cool TA-Power maps
New TA-Power member
Posted by Silencer, 12-29-2000

First of all telling you that the mapmaker ChinaHook has joined us. Welcome aboard commander ! ;)

The first community Veruna map made by
VanTheMan, the recently released on here Haunts of Ancient Peace has been already rated by TAMEC guys. So we have got another 9 overall map for our Maps Section. Click here to read the detailed review wrote by TAMEC's webmaster Stratos.

The First TA Community Veruna map Click here to download Haunts of Ancient Pace

And now we release the newest map made by ChinaHook. Awesome Green tileset graphics

Evad River Mouth
, a new Evad river expansion type map place with awesome graphics and well rated too. It is 2,6MB only so check it out !

You can
Click here to read its detailed review or click here to download Evad River Mouth

A quick note: TA-Power's crew have been flamed by certain individuals these last days. Seems to be that those flamers would like to see this site closed. I'll suggest them to check our counter (hundreds of daily visits here =) and also to invite them to check what kind of TA stuff we're constantly releasing on here. Thanks to all our fans for their support; Merry Christmas !

Spider Pack typo fixed
Latest revision v1c available

Posted by Silencer, 12-24-2000 (added the latest v1c link)

Fixed the typo which caused the Recluse spider corpse to be not shown in the game. Fixed the missing  spider constr. build page, also the Flakker Spider can not guard. Useless AI FBI lines removed. Thanks to Boogie for the tip. These thingies hapen =)

Click here to download TA-Power' Spider Project revision v1c and have fun guys!!!

Also I've fixed the Conflict Crusher link on the Units Section.

Boys and girls... We release the Arm Spider Project!
Posted by Silencer, 12-23-2000

I've been working on this project during more than 100 hours. I suppose that you will enjoy playing it as much as us over here. Both Veruna tileset/map and Spider Project are our Christmas gifts for you all. Now, have a look at this picture:

TA-Power' Spider-Project ready for the download !
Cool, eh? ;)

Click here to download TA-Power' Spider Project and have fun guys!!!

Some notes about the Spider project for ÜberHack (non OTA compatible):

You'll notice that the Spider Lab is expensive. However this lab builds moderatelly faster mixed level 1 and level 2 units. The construction spider builds level 1 stuff only, but remember that it can traverse almost everything. Another Arm innovation is the stealth radar All-terrain Kbot. Moreover the lab builds a very versatile minelayer spider. Both lightning and flakker spiders will add new defensive and offensive strategies in your games. Finally, the lab builds the Vader and the Scarab, as well as the paralyzer and missile launcher spiders. All new
TA-Power spiders have less armour, are built faster but they are slighty more E expensive. Said that... Merry Christmas!!

Send us your comments about our newest unitsOr post them on  TA-Power's  forum.

Almost 5.000 years of War ... (Incoming big release)
Posted by Silencer, 12-19-2000 / 12-21-2000

Real Universe sample ...In the almost five thousand years of endless armed conflict the war had spanned the entire galaxy.

Even their superior defense systems were not able to stop the incessant attacks of Core anymore and the Arm was losing more and more planets in the richest sectors in this overwhelming battle for control of the Galaxy. The only option seemed to be a tactical retreat aimed to win precious time to regroup, although the price to pay would be the valuable loss of vital resources...

Core was already beginning to dominate an alarming percentage of the richest sectors, unless this situation was turned around soon Arm may be forced to consider the unthinkable; fleeing the Galaxy for the depths of space.. a venture it may not survive...

Thus Arm forces were reorganized and retrenched as they planned an assault of unparalleled daring. Not on any of the recently conquered sectors, but on the richest sector controlled by Core. Due to scarce mineral resources, Arm scientists decided to bet for the all-terrain Kbot technology basing their future attacks on speed and versatility suitable on any land
type. With this tactic in mind, their newest lab construction-blueprint was sent to the sectors most susceptible to being conquered and finally lost.

There would be no other opportunities; the only option was to counterattack now, obtaining vital resources for their battered war machine, and then forcing the retreat of Core from the selected target, the rich sector #Goram-292...

The Arm Spider Lab plan has already been sent ...  That or be annihilated... Long live Arm!!!

Time for big releases!
Posted by VanTheMan & Silencer, 12-16-2000

Well after some months you can make your own Veruna maps for Total Annihilation. As you may know, TA-Power and C_A_P were working full time to release all the TA:K tilesets, for now you have the most beautiful ones, The Veruna and the Taros one but expect the other ones to appear soon. I'm working now full time on the Aramon tileset so expect its release soon and the same goes to the Zhon tileset.

The links to get the amazing tileset are below: 
The Veruna tileset for Total Annihilation is ready for the download !

Veruna - Flat Sections 1

Veruna - Flat Sections 2

Veruna - Flat Sections 3

Veruna - Coast Sections 1

Veruna - Coast Sections 2

Veruna - High Sections 1

Veruna - High Sections 2

Veruna - Islands and Sea Berms

So these 8 links are going to bring to your home a total of 55.7MB. Now mapmakers, it is time to show the community your talent ! ;)

If you have comments or questions about the Veruna tileset then click here

Final Core Incinerator for Original TA, check it out
Posted by Silencer, 12-14-2000

Our flamethrower tank for OTA is ready for the download. So you don't need ÜberHack to play this level 2 Core tank this time. Unit tweaks?: unit stats, improved script, rescaled model and a retextured corpse model. Moreover, I've already updated the Units Section with the latest Incinerator information.

Click here to download the Core Incinerator   Click to download the final Core Incinerator and stay tuned ;)

Units Section updated
Posted by Silencer, 12-08-2000

All new releases have been included in the Units Section. Also I've fixed some few table information bugs and, as I promised at the end of our recent logo contest, I've added Vissing's TA-Power logo on the updated section.

You, pattern, will hate the Hermes
Posted by Silencer, 12-06-2000

Its aiming capabilities have been improved as well as its AA missile velocity. From now, not any aircraft is safe of its fire. You can download both OTA and UH versions.

Click here for the OTA version     The Arm Hermes ready for the download  (BP made by graphics artist Faramir_gr)   Click here for the UH version

I've been working on a new project for TA; I'll post information about it in brief. And to all mapmakers, as you probably know we'll release the Veruna tileset on the next couple of days; so stay tuned.
Now, it is time to update the
Units Section with our newest releases and to shorten this almost 1 Km. long news page. Later.

Time for the first Veruna map for Total Annihilation
Map available for the download!
Posted by VanTheMan & Silencer, 12-02-2000 / 12-04-2000

VanTheMan says : After some months in the works, finally i have finished the Veruna Tileset. The release of the tileset will be this next week ;). This map shows to you the great posibilities of the Veruna Tileset, the map itself has stunning visuals and a very strong gameplay. Give it a try!

Click here to enlarge the screen shoot   I love this map tileset

... and
/me says : Have fun ! ;) : Click here to download the map

New revision... the UH Core Commando
Posted by Silencer, 11-26-2000

As you probably already know, the Core Commando is a level 2 armed  pattern Kbot. Also it is stealth. Well, this unit revision includes full compatibility with the latest version of UH. Also the unit has been rebalanced in order to fit much better in this excellent TA mod, ÜberHack (UH).

  The Core armed pattern Kbot... The Commando   Click here to download the revised Überhack version

OTA version remains as it is. Enough talking then, download it and do not forget about posting your comments on the new Ta-Power forum ;)

Also, new
TA-Power cool stuff will be released soon; that's all for now.

want more ways to contact us ?...
Posted by Silencer, 11-21-2000

... then click here to visit our new TA-Power UBB forum hosted by TAU.

As you see , I've added a new link on our side bar. So go there, and post your comments, suggestions or whatever you want about
TA-Power's stuff.

Intruder revision
Posted by Silencer, 11-18-2000

This the ÜberHack revised version of the TA-Power Core Intruder. WArloRD_285 has helped me making this cool BP in Bryce 4

Click here to download the Core Intruder  Download the Intruder, an armed heavy amphibious transport for UH ...

Have fun guys and stay tuned, 'cos we have impressive gifts for you all

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and a permission in writing by TA-POWER is needed for a reproduction, totally or partially, on other diffusion system