umm.. the head of a killed Arm commander or a hieratic triumphant one?... Who knows ... ;)


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From wolf to wolf... A good game is made by a good team. Do not forget that, wolf... so we give all our support to The Team ;)News: ( This site is best viewed with MS IExplorer )

The death of the community? We don't think so... =)
Posted by Silencer, 01-16-2000m

Meanwhile we're waiting for the
TAMEC guys rating for our recent maps, I recomend you to visit TAMEC news. Great and awesome maps and tilesets news for you all there on ;)

Also I recomend you to visit
AI Central to check out a nice done AI work most knowed as Queller AI. Also they got probably the biggest, best, and most up to date list of AI's anywhere

The Arm Nova will be released soon ;)
Course, our next unit is almost done.

Due the sad news about TADD/Merciless Creations... this Apollo13 song is dedicated to
BlackThorn. (Earth represents TA2 though... ;)
Cya soon guys

We release another cool TA map
Posted by Silencer, 01-14-2000

This is
Peewing's first map. I've to say that it is a very fun and playable map. So expect hard battles on this new battle field. Great and neat work colega =)

Download Charquitos. It is a 3MB download only Download Charquitos by clicking on the minimap

PS: Hey clones, next unit will be Arm... ;)

Time for our newest TA map... We release Vulcano
Posted by Silencer, 01-12-2000

This map is a finished project by
Bardi and me. I've enjoyed a lot working in team (as in other map projects like The Philosopher's Stone or Congost working w/ VanTheMan), and one more time, Bardi has made a great work w/ this map. Also, thanks to Maverick for his help in the making of Vulcano ;)

Vulcano is a 14x14 map, 16MB RAM, 4 players and  2.11MB of download only Click on the minimap to download Vulcano

A tremendous volcanic eruption destroys an arcane fortification forming a great volcano in the center of the map. The lava is spilled and other residues of the eruption are spread around the volcano.The volcanic activity is even present on the snowy landscape. Have great battles on Vulcano!

TA-Power quickies:

We've got a new member here at TA-Power, he's DS_SpunkMonkey. Welcome aboard commander! ;)

I've update the Units Section, also the Mods Section w/ UH and SWTA infor and links.

- Bardi is making some cool TA missions.

Also, we're working on new units and maps, so stay tuned

Elite Pack v3.2b released !
Posted by Silencer, 01-09-2000

First of all, I'd like to clarify something.
We do not modify anything in the units, less ocasionally conflicting menu buildpics, unit ids or weapon ids. So all units are as they was designed by their authors or 'tech-papis', and they're who deserve the whole merit of our Elite Pack.

I post some few build menu samples for your curiosity:

Arm commander menu 5 ...   Core commander menu 5 ...   Experimental Gantry

Arm Adv. Lab menu 3 ...   Arm Adv. Lab menu 4 ...   Core Hovercraft Plant menu 3 ...

Etc. cool eh?

Elite Pack (click here to download it, 2MB), maybe the most cool and best balanced collection of 3rd party units for Total Annihilation...

So, what's new?... the pack contains a total of
66 great 3rd party units now!

- Deleted units:

CP armored MEs
PDG_TA-Power dozers
NSA anti-sub hovers

- Added units:

Cavedog Farky
TA-Power Kraken III, revised version
Core Prime M.A.K r21
TA-Power PAck0 rev 4
? NS wind generators (ie. use 'em on not TA:CC water maps)
TA-Power Hermes
Core Prime Torpedo M extractor
Ta-Power KrogTaar
TA-Power revised Demolisher
+ other minor improvements , and all error free. What are you waiting for?...

Check it out! ;)

This pack is not UH compatable - Click here to send your comments

TA2 development has been officially confirmed!
Posted by Silencer, 01-07-2000

This is a fragment officially posted by Mr. Brandon Smith on Cavedog Entertainment' site:

SEATTLE – Jan. 6, 2000 – Cavedog Entertainment today announced the decision to refocus internal product development.
Cavedog Entertainment’s direction includes a greater focus on core products in the international award-winning Total Annihilation franchise of real-time strategy games as well as the company’s popular Boneyards online gaming community.
...The change in development direction will allow
Cavedog Entertainment to successfully grow its better-established brands and provide an opportunity to create highly anticipated products, such as Total Annihilation 2, the third title in the Total Annihilation franchise.

We're very excited here at TA-Power, 'cos 'The Dream' will be a reality soon and we consider this information as the best game designing company new of the year 2000. Enough said? ;)

Are we crazy? YES! ... and Moon AI v1.5 released
Posted by Silencer, 01-06-2000

As I said, more TA stuff for ya all... =)
This new
VanTheMan AI improves preliminar Moon AI versions. Now you'll see the AI building Geo Thermal Plants, it includes a nuke patch!, so the AI will nuke you ;) You can use this AI with Default, Metal, Acid, and Urban maps. Also it is fully Ta-Power units compatable, course.

Click to download the new Moon AI v1.5 Click on the picture to download the Moon AI v1.5

If you have downloaded these
TA-Power maps:
MoondanceV2, Into The Moon, The Philosopher´s Stone, Great Divide 3, Wild Mountains or CrossTown Traffic
; the zip file include profiles to improve the AI of these maps.

Follow the
Readme.txt instructions to install the AI files and... Enjoy! ;)
Got questions, having trouble?, (click here)

Practically a new unit release... Arm Demolisher revision
Posted by Silencer, 01-03-2000

Heh... I was typping 1999... =P.
We got a bunch of new TA stuff to release

I post a revision of the
Arm Demolisher 'cos important changes have been made at the unit. Btw, it is UH compatable too

Click here to download the Arm Demolisher rev. 4

The air-units aiming bug is fixed now
I've bordered the menu buildpic
Its high energy lightning weapon damage has been slightly increased
Demolisher's costs have been reasonably decreased.

Now it is faster.

Basically, its rol is to be a heavy support tank. Place 'em behind your attack forces (ie. Panthers ) and enjoy; guys ... I love this unit ;)
Click here to send your comments

My Christmas present for you all ...
Posted by Silencer, 12-31-1999

'Core scientists continued their incessant technology research to assure the control of the galaxy. Moved by the disturbing reports of KreGahl, an elite commander whom lost several Krogoth units in the system of KemNuh, Core scientists designed an advanced unit of great tonnage and awesome fire power. The new KrogTaar, 'Who protects the War' in the arcane Core language, was designed to repel massive attacks of low level units, as well as for offensive heavy support. Arm had adopted a strategy based on the combination of sudden specialized ambushes and jammered massive low cost attacks. So KreGhal was the first commander in using the KrogTaar as Krogoth heavy support units...
This new Gantry nano design would suppose another great problem for Arm, especially on the worlds where the Core war machine was strongly seated...'

The Core KrogTaar   ( Picture made by unit artist NJ_THUG )The KrogTaar is built in the Gantry, is amphibious, inmune to Arm paralyzers, and not much delicate on the battle field. The UH version got extra torpedoes, the OTA's not. Here you are the final toy's costs...


So I've released 2
KrogTaar versions:

- Download the KrogTaar UH version

- Download the KrogTaar OTA (TA standard) version

One is for standard
TA, and the other is for UH (UberHack). For those who don't know what is it, click here to visit TAEC and/or to visit BSR' site, crew and creator of this excellent (but unfinished) TA mod. I wanna warning about unit conflicts so I recommend you to move all your 3rd party stuff to another folder b4 to run UH. Also saying you that it comes w/ an oTA/UH switcher, so you can easily alternate between the standard TA or the mod. Know what? .. less talk and better you click here and there to see how big the world is ...

If you got comments, suggestions, complaints or questions, send 'em to the UH ppl by
clicking here to visit their Annihilated UH forum

From here on, I want to thank to some UH fans to have collaborated in the making of the new monster. All their names appear inside the doc. Also to NJ_THUG for his superb artistic touch.

If you got comments about the KrogTaar send 'em by clicking here

-. Happy new year .-

The return of VanTheman
Posted by Silencer, 12-26-1999m

Yep, he's back and ready to give you all new cool battle fields ( and probably to get another TAMEC Award ;)

Click to download Stone Free... click on the minimap to download

For example,
this non-simetrical map with lots of small mountains, dangerous passes and lots of metal. You will find some roughs around the map, too. The playability in this map is very good with small skirmishes and attacks such as "shoot and run away". There are a few thermal vent.

It has been rated by TAMEC guys: GR: 9 ME: 9 Ga: 9 - OV: 9

To see the TAMEC detailed review click here

Now Core.. I'd like to know your opinion... and a Kraken III revision
Posted by Silencer, 12-25-1999m

I've decided to post the Beta of a new Experimental K-Bot, the evil and dark Core KrogTaar.

The KrogTaar will be released soon End of playtesting , it'll be released soon =)
Don't worry about the beta stage thing 'cos it is fully playable, got buildpics and looks very cool in the game.
Click here to download the KrogTaar, have fun and tell us what you think about it by clicking here typing Krogtaar as subject please.

more things...
I've updated the Units Section w/ our recent new units and fixed some broken links.
The Arm Oppressor is being revised and it'll be posted here soon. it's going to use its own weapon (it's using the Dominator's weapon now) and I'll implement a new gaf explosion, being used when it launches the heavy rocket.

Expect new map surprises too ;)

TA-Power Core Advanced Amphibious Mech ... ;) Btw... Here it is a revision of the Kraken III. Click on the buildpic to DL it. Now it fires torps underwater only and it is inmune to paraliyzers. Enjoy it!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year/Millennium =)

Time to kill some Core air stuff... ;)
Posted by Silencer, 12-21-1999

We release the Arm Hermes with a plus, the revision 4 of the Arm Pack0. Both units are provided with an improved anti-air weapon to convert in hot wreckage that Core air stuff... ;)

Click to download the Arm Pack0 v4... + Click to download the Arm Hermes... Download the Arm level 1 Anti-Air units

Warning!: Do not use these units combined with the TA-Power Elite Pack, 'cos TA will found duplicate weapon files...
I'll post here on a new revised version of the
Elite Pack very soon, with more 3rd Party cool toys and the recently released Fark

Meanwhile (it is a short download though) here it is the story of the Arm Hermes :

The air power of Core was awesome one more time.
It was desolating the forces of Arm in most of the galaxy planetary systems. The Arm scientists defined a new anti-air strategy and the Hermes was developed as a tactical need. A level 1 vehicle; versatile and devised to increase the offensive and defensive abilities of the punished Arm war machine...

...attacking on Jahj Kall system...
...Core bombers watched again while the newest Hermes was flanking the troops. But today, thousands of rusty voices claimed at the same time... Vengeance!!...

Btw, they're effective against bombers and eat air scouts destroying them w/ 1 hit ;) As level 1 units, they don't work well against level 2 fighters and VTOLs. Your move...
Click here to send your comments

Cavedog Entertainments did it again! ...
Posted by Silencer, 12-17-1999

As you probably know, a new TA unit has ben released by the Cavedoggies. They did it in the middle of a massive Arm exodus in the Galactic Wars, and we're all much happy for that! =)

The Cavedog Arm Fark.. oh yeah man.. Visit Cavedog now! to DL it ... ;)The Arm Fark, a very fast medic K-Bot
We encourage 'em to release more toys, 'cos we're a bit hungries of new bones from


Tha's okay... Time to the big release
Posted by Silencer, 12-10-1999

- Story of the Core Adv. Amphibious Mech Kraken III :

Core was studying the need of to implement amphibious heavy assault technology to its war machine. After the development of the Gimp, Freaker and Krogoth technologies, Core engineers exceeded their nano design expectations. The production of a new deadly K-Bot with various amphibious war capabilities was an awesome reality soon.
Actually, the newest advanced K-Bot, called as Kraken III, is being fully tested on the vast Waanar planetary system, which is rich on water worlds. The prototype results on each battle are fully satisfactory while the Arm terrorist war machine is being totally annihilated ... planet by planet ... inexorably ...

- Kraken III stats :


Unit name: cKraken
Unit ID..: 4661
BuildMenu: CORALAB, 4 - 4

TA-Power Core Advanced Amphibious Mech ... ;) Click to download the Core Kraken III mech

- Ta-Power notes, strategies and tips:

The Core Kraken III has fast movements, is versatile, well armored, and provided w/ a lethal firepower.

It implements a medium/short range sonar to detect enemy units. Subs can 'see' a Kraken first and starting to fire it, but the Kraken can react quickly and counter-attack. It can attack underwater, floating and land enemy too... but it hasn't got any air defensive/attack weaponary; so seaplanes (most of you don't know what they are... =P) will be a decisive estrategy to use against it.
Btw, It can destroy very slow enemy air units, so take care for your air cons... Also you can use packs of HLT and plasma cannons to kill it. if not try to d-gun it, it always works.. =P
The Kraken is extremely deadly when it is on the shore.

- The TA-Power Lab talks: Some related tech notes...

- The Kraken does not use any new weapon ID
- Cool animated model and dead model, low polygons number...
- Damage scripts while its health is from 40% to 1% (2 types )
- 2 diferent aiming/firing scripts for each weapon
- Complet SFX set applied, moving, aiming, stoping, firing underwater
- Cavedog Core amphibious textures style
- Rendered high quality pictures. Diferent menubuildpic and F1 picture.
- Own rules used to balance the toy
- Fully detailed: rich kraken_dead related Killed() script... Etc
- The unit concept is completly new and original
- It has been fiendishly planed, MU HA HA HA!

Enough said? ... Enjoy!

Click here to send your comments

  All the material on this web is copyright by TA-POWER, 1999
and a permission in writing by TA-POWER is needed for a reproduction, totally or partially, on other diffusion system