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  New releases incoming...

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 03-21-2003

   I'll be brief today. This is the Arm Anti-air Flak Kbot we're about to release here at TA-Power

The Arm Anti-air Flak Kbot...

   I do feel impressed when I have a look at our Ta-Power Lab. There's much cool TA stuff to release yet!. That's all for now; have a nice weekend guys.

  DeReMetallica reviewed by TAMEC

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 03-10-2003

   This map made by ChinaHook, which has been rated by TAMEC with an overall of 9 again, brings to you another high quality ground for your TA massive battles.

   TAMEC's review is available again for further information about this TA-Power map. Also you may read our
11-22-2002 news on this page.

   It has been downloaded 450 times already; thus just check it out!.

   Finally, I've improved a little the Site Welcome page as well as added some few tips more on the Game Tips section. By the way.. units incoming; so stay tuned ;)

  Five Miles Out reviewed by TAMEC

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 02-20-2003

   With an overall of 9, this map made by ChinaHook brings to you another high quality battlefield for your extreme TA experience. Based on Green World Completion Project tiles and mixed with metal splinters, provides great skirmishes against the AI, as well as many intense online battles on its own non-symmetrical scheme. 

   You may read TAMEC's review to know more about this TA-Power map, and to click on here to check all this info your self ;) 

   Oh yes, a couple of satellite' snapshots
can be seen here and here... 

   I recall to place the
TA-Power_Fixed_anims2.hpi (which is is supplied with the map..) into your root TA folder. That's all. Have fun and.. stay tuned.

  New Zhon map!

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Wotan / Silencer, 02-09-2003

   Afterward the recent intense eye-candy session, we post In the Tropics for your all pleasure.

  Based on the wonderful works of Frederic Edwin Church, though this title is one of his less familiar works. Church was most famous for his renderings of the South American tropics in the late 1850's through the 1860's. If you are interested in learning more, check out the web - there are several dedicated sites to Church's works. 

  This 15x15 screens map made by Wotan shows you even more of the excellent art work Cavedog artists did in TA:K:

  CORE forces have launched a massive attack on Zhon

  Large movements of units have moved south 'In the Tropics’ in attempt to outflank the forces of ARM currently holding the savannahs of ‘Cayambe’.

  This new Zhon sector, however, will present a significant challenge to commanders. Vast swamps and hillsides hug the balmy coastlines and will make maneuvers very difficult. Nevertheless, the second chapter of the Zhon campaign has begun.

  In the tropics requires the previously released TAK_ANIMS_1.ufo feature file available at TAMEC. If you have already downloaded and played ‘Cayambe’ then you need not download any additional files. Good luck Commander!

  A must have download (10 MB) for your own Total Annihilation maps collection. Read the instructions in the map readme file to add some jungle background noise to the map. Said all that.. Have fun!.

  Polishing the site...

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 01-18-2003

  The Tile-sets, Elite Unit Packs and Mods sections have been updated. Have a nice weekend guys.

   New TA-Power member
  Zhon & Aramon exclusive previews

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Wotan & Silencer, 01-11-2003

  I'm glad to announce the newest TA-Power member: This time the man is Benito, who will help in the Map Making and Rendering departments as well as he'll contribute at programming useful code for TA. Also, Benito has been researching & consolidating a whole set of techniques to render stunning maps using POV-Ray. For the moment, we'd like to show you all a piece of art he made for TA-Power:

TA-Power' Spiders on the Archipielago World; rendered by Benito. Choose your resolution...

2048x1536   1600x1200    1280x960    1024x798   800x600    640x480

  As you see (look at the links above), this Spider Pack themed background can be downloaded in many screen resolutions. Soon, I'll post more info about Benito's work for your all enjoyment. Said all that, be welcome aboard Commander!.

  To complete our massive eye-candy session today, I post here on the latest info about Wotan's exciting work:

  The battle for Zhon continues…

  Leaving the savannahs of Cayambe, ARM and CORE forces have continued their fierce struggle for dominion of the luscious world of Zhon. The latest map In the Tropics, soon to be released here at TA-Power, will include new jungle terrains and the echoes of a lost civilization. You’ll also find a little more elbow room as this new battleground is twice the size of Cayambe!

In the Topics preview 1. Click to enlarge...  In the Topics preview 2. Click to enlarge...  In the Topics preview 3. Click to enlarge...

Click on any of the images above to enlarge...

  But, wait! There’s more!

  On the heels of the incoming Zhon map, yet another new world awaits! CORE spies have obtained these shots from an Arcadian world know only as Aramon.

Aramon teaser 1. Click to enlarge...  Aramon teaser 2. Click to enlarge...  Aramon teaser 3. Click to enlarge...

Click on any of the images above to enlarge...

  Stay tuned…

  Welcome to the year 2003!

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 01-05-2003

  I hope that you all have had a very happy Xmas and New Year. We're preparing our 2K3 releases so get ready.. ;)

  TA ÜberHack v4.0 available for the download!
  What's going on?...

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 12-15-2002 / 12/16/2002

  Yep, the long awaited ÜberHack 4.0 version has been released by BSR. This new version includes major improvements as a revamped switcher, new unit tweaks, new AI profiles, eXtended Menus, a new finite metal game-play mode, as well as the latest Spider Pack for ÜH in this new official version. 

  Hey, do not miss this one and run to download it at BSR's & RD. Even you may download 3 different flavors of the, in our opinion, best TA mod:  Switcher install, zipped mod files, and TA:M format. If you have got the Original TA game installed on your computer only, then you should download the Switcher version, yes?. Here is the link to the UH forums to post any questions or comments you want.

  What's going on here at TA-Power...: Basically real life has been consuming our little spare time during these last weeks. However we've got many stuff to show the world yet. For example a new version of the EU Pack, new unique maps and Tile-sets, The Core Expansion Scorpion Pack, as well as a <secret>, or even a new <secret>... ;)

  During this last year most of our staff has vanished given different reasons. However the few TA-Power members who remain here will have you pretty busy yet; so stay tuned and have fun!.

  Extra-hint: Just to recall you that, if you previously had an ÜH Spider Pack copy installed on your system, then delete it before to install the ÜberHack v4.0. If you do not this then you could have 2 copies of the Spider Pack present in your root TA folder. Otherwise, If you've never played the Spider Pack and/or ÜberHack then .. what are you waiting for !!? =)

  New TA battlefield for you all

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by ChinaHook, 11-22-2002

  This map was initially made to be played in skirmish or online FFA battles. Try it with 4 teams of 2 players or 2 teams of 4 players. Extract your metal on the metal zones but I recall you that green zones are empty of metal; so do not build metal extractors on grass. The amount of resources is huge, it means that the first AI attack wave will come to you in less than 10 minutes. 

  This is the second map made with the new Green Completion tiles, but this time I used our own conversion of Cavedog's Metal tiles. We'll post about these new Tile-sets I made soon. Enjoy!.

  Expansion Spider Pack 2K2 ready for the download!

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 11-01-2002

  As I promised, here it is the new version for the Original TA. I call this version as SP-2K2-OTA, given that my next TA project (yes, the Scorpion Pack and probably the last I make for this game..) could cause the SP to be modified again.

  I've put a lot of effort in this version. So this is the list of tweaks, changes, and new stuff added in the Arm Expansion Spider Pack 2K2:

The Spider Lab, built by the Level 1 Construction Kbot.

  • Almost every unit in the pack has been tweaked to fit better in the OTA scheme.

  • Nexus: New unit; All-terrain Transport Kbot.

  • Namor: New unit; All-terrain Amphibious Assault Kbot.

  • Included an improved Spider v2 in the Spider Lab. Smaller model, moves faster. Basically is the ÜH Spider which includes some few tweaks following the lines of OTA's balancing style. 

  • Revised both Flakker and Minelayer Spiders.

  • Wolf: Its long range paralyzer beam has been colored. The Wolf remains stealth rater than cloakable as its 'cousin', the Sniper.

  • Recluse: Model shrunk. Increased speed. Increased armor. Increased sight distance. Rocko type modified weapon.

  • Spider Bunker: It can be built on slopes and on other hard to reach places. (2 x 2 footprint, same as the Heavy Laser Turret). Now it can cloak. Added new sounds.

  • Construction Kbot & A-t Kbot: Updated build menu buttons with the new BPs I made. Fixed minor GAF bug.

  • Tick: Its heavy paralyzer beam has been colored to fit better in the OTA. Remember to set it to hold fire before go to capture enemy units. Tick's weapon reload time is 45 seconds/game ticks!

  • New SPID1 movement class added. Added new Sound Classes for the NexusNamor and Spider Bunker. (This makes a total of 17 new sounds)

  • EMP Bomb: Rebalanced weapon and unit costs. Model enlarged. New movement class.

  • General footprint tweaks to improve their pathfinding in the game. Improved Build Pictures.

  • Fleas!. These can be built in the Spider Lab now.  Added by public demand.

    Note: Look in the readmefirst.txt file for detailed info about how to install the OTA Spider Pack.

  The Arm Scarab and the Arm Flea extra Cavedog units are included in the zip file as separate files. If you do not have all of the extra Cavedog units then visit this page to download all of them

  Remember that you need TA's expansion, TA Core Continency as well as the official TA patch 3.1c installed on your computer to play the SP

  Also you can remove any older Spider Pack stuff as any pictures into the Totala/Unitpics folder, Etc. 

  Read the installation steps into the provided ReadMeFirst.txt. Installation steps are quite simple, so do not worry.

Click here to download the Spider Pack 2K2 for OTA.

  Visit this page for further info about this expansion pack. Enjoy!!

All the material on this web is copyright by Guillem Faura and Staff, 1998-2003
and a permission in writing by TA-Power is needed for a reproduction, totally or partially, on other diffusion system