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his section is dedicated to all the mapmakers who enjoys in the making of new battlefields for the best RTS ever: Total Annihilation

The TA:K to TA Tile-sets Conversion Project is almost complete, 4 of a total of 5 Tile-sets are ready for the download at this moment. Also, you may check the Expansion Green Tile-sets out and even more!.

Kudos to our folks at TAMEC who have been supporting this strong community since day 1. Don't get rusty guys and keep up the good work!


Aramon by Wotan / ChinaHook

TA:K to TA Conversion Tile-sets

    Links to download from TAU - FileUniverse

  Pack 1 - All files into one ( total of 52MB ):
Aramon Part I

  Pack 2 - All files into one ( total of 30MB ): Aramon Part II

Veruna by VanTheMan

TA:K to TA Conversion Tile-sets

    Links to download from TAMEC - FilePlanet

  Veruna Flat Sections 1        Veruna Flat Sections 2    Veruna Flat Sections 3

  Veruna High Sections 1       Veruna High Sections 2   Veruna Canals and Fix

  Veruna Islands and Berms  Veruna Coasts 1    and    Veruna Coasts 2

Creon by Wotan

  TA:K to TA Conversion Tile-sets

    Links to download from TAMEC - FilePlanet

  Creon Main file   Features    Berms & Forts   Mountains & Snow   Rivers

  Creon High Towns & Roads   Hills & High Specials   Low Towns & Roads

  TAK_ANIMS_1 - File Description: This is the first release (version 1) of the new TA:K feature set for TA. This file contains all new feature conversions from TA:K using the best color matching possible from TA:K’s 16-bit color scheme to TA’s limited 8 bit (256) color format. This file does NOT replace the existing features included in TAMEC 2000 or in Datanut’s alternate TA:K Features file. If a map already includes any TA:K features in these files, you will still need to retain them. However, IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU CEASE USING ANY PREVIOUSLY CONVERTED TA:K FEATURES FOR FUTURE MAPS, as all of them will be replaced in this new file series. Note that this does not apply to the Creon Features (or to the incoming Zhon or Aramon ones) however, which were done using the same color matching process and are fine as is. 

Taros by C_A_P

TA:K to TA Conversion Tile-sets

    Links to download from TAMEC - FilePlanet

  Taros Main    Taros Specials     Taros - Berms and Canals     Taros Coasts
Taros Forts   Taros Roads

  WindyTrees2 Addon - File Description: This feature set contains 6 *animated* versions of the converted TA:K palm trees. These will appear in the 'windy trees' features tab when loaded into annihilator. To see these trees in action, you can also download my sample map, "Desert Core"  

Zhon by Wotan

  TA:K to TA Conversion Tile-sets

    Links to download from TAMEC - FilePlanet

  Pack 1 - Tile-set files ( total of 70MB ):

  Zhon_Flats and Transitions

  Zhon_Sandy Coasts and Islands

  Zhon_Savannah Coastal Cliffs and Transitions

  Zhon_Savannah Paths and Specials

  Zhon_Sandy Coastal Cliffs and Transitions

  Zhon_Savannah Cliffs and Ramps

  Zhon_Savannah Coasts

  Zhon_Savannah Rivers and Crossings

  Pack 2 - Tile-set files ( total of 70MB, coming soon ):

  Cayambe  - Zhon teaser map, download from TAMEC - FilePlanet 

  Click immediately on the link above to download this stunning teaser map ;)

Map of the Week on PA: 28th October, 2002.

  Included in TAMEC's Best maps of All Times list.

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Green Expansion by ChinaHook

Green World's Expansion

    Links to download from TAMEC - FilePlanet

  Green Completion 1 

  15 sections 'Pools' - It contains pools and ponds.
  7 sections 'Mountains' - Some sections of 'Mountains' subgroup.

  Green Completion 2

  2 sections 'Big Mountains' - Some sections with big mountains.
  4 sections 'Mountains' - The rest of 'Mountains' subgroup.

  Green Completion 3

  4 sections 'Big Mountains' -  The rest of sections with big mountains.

  Green Completion 4

  2 sections 'The Biggest' - Two really big, big mountains.

  Green Completion 5 

  27 ravine sections - Ravines and its complements.
  16 new hills - Hills at 219 height value.
  9 shallow islands - To combine with 'Green Completion' 6 file.

  Green Completion 6

  25 Shore-shallow sections - Dry ground-shallow ground transition.
  24 Shallow-Sea sections - Shallow ground-sea transition.

Green Completion 7   This section is obsolete already. Don't use it anymore if you've downloaded it n the past. Read below.

  16 Rivers sections - Let the river run in Green World!!.
  4 Enlargement sections - For adapting to Green Coast tiles.
  8 River passes sections - To pass through the river.

  Green Completion 8

  2 Shallow-Flat sections - For combining Shallow pieces.
  8 New-Islands sections - New and big islands added to 'Island' subgroup.
  4 Island-Shallow sections - For adding to the existents.
  6 New-Coast sections - New Coast sections for 'Old Coast' subgroup.

  Green Completion 9

  22 Snow Transition sections - Green world-Evergreen Snow transitions.

  Green Completion 10

  13 Flat Metal 4 Green sections - Flat green-metal transitions with  85 height value.

  36 Modular sections - Metal converted tiles from Metal World to Green World.

  Green Completion 11

  36 Modular 2 sections - Metal-Green transition modular tiles converted from Metal World to Green World.

  Green Completion 12

  28 GM_Transition219_ sections - Blended Metal-Green transition tiles to use with 219 height value (mesas).

  18 Transition_219_ sections - Sharped Metal-Green transition tiles to use with 219 height value (mesas).

  Green Completion 13

  19 Flat Metal 4 Green sections - Sharped Metal-Green transition tiles to use with 85 height value (Core Bases).

  64 Transition_85 sections - Blended Metal-Green transition tiles to use with 85 height value (Abandoned Core Bases).

  Green Completion 14

  14 Miscellaneous sections - Miscellaneous metal tiles with 85 height value.

  13 Misc_2_85 sections - Same miscellaneous tiles but with metal-green transition.

  Green Completion 15

  44 Ravines sections - New ravine tiles to complete the older ones. Includes wider modular slope ways.

  1 Hills section - A 'lost and found' section made time ago.

  1 The Biggest section - Another 'lost and found' section.

  Green Completion 16

  78 Rivers_2R sections - A lot of deep and shallow sections. 

  Note about this module and the module 7: These tiles ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with older tiles contained into Green Completion 7 file; thus don't use those included in the module 7 anymore.


TA:K Fixed & Enhanced Features - File Description: This file contains some fixed and enhanced features of TA:K. The fixed and enhanced features in this file are:- Ground Covers from ZhonPlFix01 to ZhonPlFix06, of Zhon World (Older ZhonPlant01 to 06).- Zhon Plants (now Bromeliaceus plant) from ZhonPlFix07 to ZhonPlFix09, of Zhon World (Older ZhonPlant07 to 09).- Desert Ferns from VerPlFix01 to VerPlFix06, of Veruna World (Older VerPlant01 to 06).- Veruna Grass from VerGrFix01 to VerGrFix06, of Veruna World (Older VerGrass01 to 06).- Taros Rocks from TarRFix01 to TarRFix07, of Taros World (Older TarRock01 to 07).- Veruna Trees (now Palm Trees) from VerTFix04 to VerTFix06, of Veruna World (Older VerTree04 to 06).- Veruna Trees (now Palmetto Trees) from VerTFix07 to VerTFix09, of Veruna World (Older VerTree07 to 09).- Zhon Trees from ZhonTFix01 to ZhonTFix03, of Zhon World (Older ZhonTree01 to 03).- Dead Palm trees and Dead Plametto trees, of Veruna World.- Dead Zhon trees, of Zhon World.- Dead Desert Ferns, of Veruna World.See Readme file for more info. That's all by now. Enjoy!!.  

  My friend
Estrella has uploaded to
TAMEC this worth Green Roads set.

Last update on 03/11/2006.


  Stay tuned.. more coming soon. 

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   ChinaHook and The Silencer, 2006


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