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  Expansion Spider Pack for OTA... new version incoming!

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 10-27-2002

  I'm currently working on the final version of the Arm Expansion Spider Pack for the Original TA (OTA). As many of you already know, I do play TA ÜberHack only, but as I promised, I'm about to release (during this week) a high quality version for you OTAers. I'm enjoying a lot adding many new features, as well as play-testing the new version my self. Obviously, the new version will include the new couple of spiders I made as well as lots of adjustments to give you the best of the best for your TA battles.

  Stay tuned guys ;)

  New site section added

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 10-21-2002

  A new shinning Tilesets Section has been added by public demand. 

  As the its label indicates, it includes all of our effort in the making of Tile-sets for the TA community. There are 3 of the total of 5 final products from the TA:K to TA Tile-sets Conversion Project, as well as the Green Expansion Tile-sets

  Zhon will be released soon, and there're 3 more Tile-set projects almost at final stage, so map-makers, get ready to rock! ;)

  More things..

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 10-03-2002

  First of all, I've to warn you about something important: Seems to be that there's a retrograde around ( who is maliciously using my nick and/or E adress ) sending E-mail to many TA fans. If you receive an E-mail with topic like ' By Silencer for TA-Power ' or similar, then immediately delete it; given that it contains virus inside. Sad to see how these things happen on the Internet, but life is this way; there is productive people and also sterile people around. I recall you that you may download from this site all of the TA-Power's stuff made until today; is the safe way to get our TA creations. 

  More things.. I've updated the Elite Packs (EP) section. Now the section  shows bigger Spider Pack's unit pictures, as well as better info about the Arm Expansion Pack. Also, the installation steps have been simplified and better explained. Talking about this matter, I do plan to pack a new build of the SP for the ÜberHack TA mod v3.1.9. I'll do that as soon as BSR upload the new ÜH 3.1.9b2 to his site. And to those who has not seen what the ÜH can do for your TA games, or simply what the ÜH is then click here NAW! ;) . It is worth to know more about it.

  I've been also working (very little though due my lack of free time; arf...) on the new Emergency Units Pack version (click here for further info). I do post a couple of new rendered BPs. Be right back..

The new Core KrogTaar build picture      The new Arm Rapid Fire Medium Range Plasma Cannon BP. What a mouthful, huh? ;P

  Five Miles Out final ready for the download

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by ChinaHook, 09-23-2002

  Ready for some more of action then?..

  The advance of enemy army becomes more patent as time goes on. When the Evad River Mouth was taken, the enemy army went up the river to the confluence of one of its affluent. Now, while a division of this army continues to the affluent, another one has come to the outskirts of the city in which your base is placed. The enemy base is located on the other side of the river, five miles out, and they are reclaiming the metal and resources of older Core bases to improve their effectives. The assault to the city is imminent and only a matter of time...

  A couple of map screen shots can be seen here and here.

  TA Core Contingency and TA-Power_Fixed_anims2.hpi needed to play the map

  TA-Power_Fixed_anims2.hpi is supplied with the map. This is another Green world map (one of my favorites!) in which I have included new tiles (Green-Metal transitions, new ravines, new rivers, Etc.) which will be supplied in the #2 release of Green Completion series. More info into the Readme.txt provided in the zipped map file. Enjoy!!

  Spider Pack project closed. Latest version for ÜH.

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 08-23-2002

  This is hopefully the final version of the Spider Pack for ÜH. If it needs to be updated to be fully ÜH compatible then I'll put my fingers on it again though. My Expansion Pack for Arm has reached the planned quality, even more, thanks to the good feedback from many smart TA players around, it has exceeded my initial expectation.

  This is the link to download the latest version. This one include several tweaks. Read the doc files for further info about these. Also. I've named the file this time as TA-Power-SpiderPack-v5e-UH-Final-Plus. Check your version to see if you're current or not. The OTA version will be available soon. It is being time to work on an Expansion Pack for Core, don't you agree on that?

  Have fun!.. and behave.

  Polishing the site...

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 08-19-2002

  Back again; I'm gradually updating TA-Power's sections. Also, I'll pack a new version of the Spider Pack for ÜH. It is the last time that I call final version to any of our products, do that and get ready to see bugs and gremlins popping out heheh... This version will include some few minor tweaks and probably even a new unit. Once this version will be completely done then I'll prepare the hopefully final OTA version. By the way, seems to be that many TAers do not have many of the extra-maps released by Cavedog. I recall you, if you're one of these, that all of those official maps are available for the download here. Have a look to see if you are or you're not current. Said that, stay tuned.

  New map and AI profile 

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 08-09-2002

  Here you got a couple of TA creations made by Joshcomm1:

  After a hiatus from the TA Community, Joshcomm1 comes back out to give you more gifts from a labor of love of Total Annihilation

  Mad Response_v1
has 4 levels of play: Easy, Medium, Hard & Network 1, each with their own AI and Start Positions. Do have your initial settings for computer / human metal and energy set for 1000 only on all levels, both Skirmish Mode and Online.

  Depending on what difficulty mode you set up for your game, the map will run different AI profiles. Play Hard or Network 1 to try the NavalAirAI_v2b AI.

Download Mad Response v1
Download Naval Air AI v2b   Newly crafted for a balanced war game on mainly metal / water based battle maps. This one was designed for the newest battle map Mad Response_v1. You are going to enjoy this one. It fights hard. It can be used on any water based battle map with good resources, but the effects show up more distinctly on the metal ones.

  Naval Air AI_v2b was created specifically for this battle map. Required files to play this map: TA:Core Contingency, Creon Features Files and the TA:K Features for TA

  You can get these files (TA:CC aside course..) from the Utilities Section at TAMEC. If you got any questions or comments about these releases then use our forum. Enjoy!

  Arm Expansion Spider Pack v5.d.  Final version for ÜH.
  Warning: Fix needed.

Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 08-01-2002

  Warning: Fix needed. A minor glitch was uncovered during testing last night, so if you have downloaded version 5d before, you'll need to do it again. The correct file name is If you do not have it, you'll need to redownload it again. All links to the fixed version have been updated already. I do apologize for the inconvenience. 

  The final version of the Spider Pack (hopefully). This version adds 2 new units. Also, You can read about the new tweaks in the SP below. Again, this version is for the ÜberHack only:

The All-terrain Transport Kbot      The All-terrain Amphibious Assault Kbot


  • Nexus: New unit; All-terrain Transport Kbot.

  • Namor: New unit; All-terrain Amphibious Assault Kbot.

  • Hobo: Mode shrunk. Increased speed. Cost adjustments made based on the ÜH 3.1.8 changes made on the Zeus.

  • Mother: Model enlarged. Increased speed. Increased build distance. Cost have been reduced, to make it similar to the Arm Rector. Fixed minor script problem.

  • Venom: Added the anti-mine missile to its buildmenu.

  • Recluse: As modified by the ÜH v3.1.8. Model shrunk. Increased speed. Increased armor. Increased sight distance. Rocko type modified weapon.

  • Spider Bunker: Can be built on slopes and in other hard to reach places. (2 x 2 footprint, same as the Heavy Laser Turret).

  • Construction Kbot & A-t Kbot: Updated build menu buttons with the new BPs I made. Fixed little GAF bug in the All-terrain Kbot version.

  • Added a new Sound Class for the Nexus,  All-terrain Transport Kbot.

  • EMP Bomb: Weapon changed to EMP mine. Model enlarged. Added a new movement class for this unit.

  • General footprint tweaks for all of the spiders; this helps at their pathfinding in the game. Improved Build Pictures, Etc.

  • Fleas!. These can be built in the Spider Lab now.  Added by public demand.

  • Removed redundant files: BPs and most sounds already included in the v3.1.8 of the ÜberHack.

    Note: Look at the readmefirst.txt file for information on the new sound and movement classes.

  Click to download the Arm Expansion Spider Pack v.5d final

  I've updated the online information about the Spider Pack. You may read it here

  Also, I have tossed out unit concepts based on mounting structures on  six-legged chasis. So no Energy Storage Spider; I prefer to waste unit IDs on other unit innovations.

  In the next week I'll post the first pack of Joshcomm1 goodies, and even the final version of the SP for OTA... who knows. Have fun!.. and behave ;) 

  Spider Pack ver. 5c for the ÜberHack!
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 07-23-2002

  This is an especial revision for the ÜH only. OTA players will have to wait a little. No new units added in the pack yet. Nevertheless I've added a good amount of tweaks in it. I post below a detailed list of these:

  New version available, read above... 

  There is a couple of open forum threads here and here to post whatever related with the Spider Pack. You can read exhaustive info about the Spider Pack here. The next version will include some few new cool Spiders; meanwhile.. enjoy and share your experiences with the expansion pack on the forums!.

  PS: A big block of news has been archived again. So you already know, visit the Archive Section if you missed something about TA-Power.

  ÜberHack v3.1.8 is available for the download!
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 07-19-2002

  Yep, is up!.

  Run to download it here. There're links to download different installations of the mod on BSR' site, as well as a link to read more about the included tweaks. All the ÜH unit build pictures that I made are in the game now on.

  Have fun !

  TA-Power news bits
Jump to TA-Power's forum!Posted by Silencer, 07-09-2002

  All TA-Power's team is working on new cool TA designs:

  VanTheMan is working on new unique maps and new amazing tilesets.

  ChinaHook is also aiming to new cool maps and even developing expansion tiles and stuff for the official tilesets made by Cavedog

  Wotan is finishing the TA:K to TA tilesets conversion project. So get ready for the download of a good MB's bunch to materialize those map ideas you have been dreaming. By the way, Cayambe, the latest map made by Wotan  utilizing the converted Zhon tileset has been already reviewed at TAMEC, being blessed with the highest score: 10 10 10 10!. This is the link to read its review, so if you had any doubt about if to download it or not then you know what to do now... to download it!! =) 

  Joshcomm1 is back!. So expect new awesome map releases here at TA-Power. Even I'll advance you all that he has designed new AI profiles for your enjoyment.

  Me, Silencer, is working on new versions of the Spider Pack, Emergency Units Pack, and even on new quality units for the original game and for the  ÜberHack.

  BSR, is finishing the 3.1.8 version of the ÜberHack. Meanwhile, you can download the 3.1.7 version here. As you probably know, his site is up already and being hosted at Planet Annihilation. And we, the TA-Power staff want to welcome him to this great network's planet! =) 

  Note: I've updated again all of the ÜH related links here at TA-Power.

  So guys, you know already.. behave and stay tuned ;)

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